He is engaged. This is soo lame.. help.?

Okay, so. I was dating this guy for almost a month. Within two weeks we were just crazy about eachother, course I'm only 16, and he is 17. Young love..hahaha. anyways, His ex always bothered him, begging him back, and from what I understood he wouldn't go back to her because she cheated on him, and he claimed to love me. I claimed to love him back, and I believed him. But, then the other we were discussing it. I don't know why though.. I guess I was just tryna see if he loved me enough to stay with me... So, He left me, and took me back in the same day. Then we were all good, and I was happy. Couple hours later his ex is crying and threatening to kill herself, and brought up- which I didn't know this, and they'd been off and on for a year- but she brought up, the rings they gave eachother, and how they're going to get married march 2012 a month after she turns 18. Now hearing this I'm devastated, cause I had no idea. I still am cause I broke it off with him, and she's gonna be moving in with him in a week or two, and I don't know.. I didn't wanna lose this guy we were perfect together. Now he says we can only wait, but its just. I don't want to be his second choice.. I don't want him to get married. But, there seems to be nothing I can do. I put all my happiness on this one guy because I trusted him, and loved him, and would do anything for him. He said he wants to be with me too but it's too late.. :\ and I feel so sick, like this is the worst break--up I EVER had. I was throwing up last night, and crying from midnight to 6 am. I feel like I can't breathe, and if I take a deep breathe it's all shaky, my eyes start to water, I ran for a straight 30 minutes.. I can't eat, I just throw it up... :\ I don't know what to do. This is just so awful..

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Ignore him don't talk to him give him the silent treatment. If he loves you he'll chase after you but if he doesn't well... life's too short, as I have learned after spending three years in ... what I would say was love, with a guy. If he's not willing to leave her for you then he doesn't love you.

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