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Went to strip club, with husband - got drunk and maybe went to far?

Background: I'm 27, husbands 30... married 8 yrs. together 11 years. 2 kids - 7& 5 yrs.

So, we have been going to strip clubs for about 5 months now. We both had never been prior to this. We had talked about going and we decided that we go together then its totally cool, if I would get freaked out, then we would leave..whatever.

We did fine. had a great time,every time. I pretty much get drunk, which is so unlike me. My husband only has a beer, so he can drive. I never wanted to do the dances or go up to the stage with the tip bar. My husband went, and i was totally fine with it. and fyi... we totally have the best sex ever after the club.

The last time we went, a girl come in with her hubby and some friends and told me she had never been, and was asking me about everything. we got to talking about the stage and tip bar and everything. and she was super nervous about going up there. so, me being drunk, told her i would go up there with her so she didnt have to be so nervous. my husband was like "hell yeah" cause he knows what happens when the ladies go up there.

So we go up there and I put a few dollars out there, and so did she and the girls come over and got my boobs out and licked my neck and everything. It was crazy! They did the same to this girl. My husband was loving it! That happened with 4 dancers. And it was crazy.

This is soooo unlike me. I am very quiet, shy, dont like showing off my body...etc. This is freaking me out, but at the same it puts a huge smile on my face cause i know i had a blast. I cant get it out of my head. I loved it, but it freaks me out at the same time.

We are going back soon, and i dont know if I should stay clear of the tip bar, or just go with the flow and have fun. My huband was totally fine with everything. and he said it was so hot seeing me like that.


I think I am freaking out because it is so unlike me to do something like that! And thanks for not saying anything negative =D

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    Coo' Story Brahh

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    So long as both you and your hubby are 100% okay with this, then it's fine. You took it to a new level by the sound of it. Given what you've stated, maybe you should go and be tame for the next few visits. It's a thrill the first time but, if you go to that level again, will that same level be the new expected norm?

    My advice would therefore be to not do it again in the near future. Go, relax, and take some time to really consider your feelings on it as you learn whether you're freaking out aboutit for good reasons, bad reasons or as if it's a one time thing. You can't undo experiences so why bother rushing?

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  • 4 years ago

    that is high quality, you'd be shocked what percentage lady pass there only be prepared to work out quite some flesh and don't be offended in case your guy without caution receives a difficult on. The strippers do not care when you're there, some like it plenty, some it does no longer mean a element to them. in case you get a lap dance from them, they contact you and are available in the route of you than they might with a guy. only get your warm *** dressed up and smile, celebrate.. the purely those who might want to care about what you're your hubby are as a lot as, are you and your hubby :)

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  • 9 years ago

    What is the name of this strip club again?

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