91 jeep Cherokee sluggish start?

Sometimes sluggish start sometimes normal strength start.I had the battery check its ok, then had starter/solenoid checked out by parts store they said thats ok.

I cleaned connections and reinstalled, a few days later no start just a click so I got under and tapped the starter a couple of times and it sluggishly started & all sluggish starts since. So would you figure it has to be the starter even though the parts store said its ok? Or what else could it be?

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  • 9 years ago
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    starter solenoid most likely. Not the first time that I have seen people falsely diagnose these things. Check the ground on the starter too.

  • Dennis
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    9 years ago

    Sure sounds like a bad starter. seen that happen lots of times.

    Source(s): fleet mech.
  • 4 years ago

    If this happens After the truck has Sat For a mutually as, you're dropping the best on your gas device ( desires to Crank a mutually as to construct up stress).you may examine this additionally by potential of purely letting it sit down for 2-3 minutes, (when you had it working) And restarting it( this is going to fireplace good up genuine speedy) i comprehend they're electric gas Pumps and that they are to construct stress & continuously carry it, yet this does happen on older jeeps. Get Them to examine your gas stress on the gas Rail without beginning the truck merely turn the biggest on(they could could desire to enable it sit down 2-3 hrs for the best to be misplaced to examine the stress. in the event that they do no longer enable it sit down this is going to nevertheless Be preserving stress, deceptive them). this could instruct How lots stress Is interior the line/Rail previous to start-up. Then start up It and see the place the stress is at. in the event that they inform you you opt for for a gas pump, you will decide for a sparkling gas computer screen,Pump,Lockring and Gasket. because of the fact the Pump is interior the gas Tank. they're going to Probly Take it Off to alter it. i've got Had 6 Jeeps and that i've got had that project it grow to be a mixture of previous gas strains and vulnerable pump. in the event that they're fixing it ask approximately changing THE gas strains From the tank to the gas Rail. Pumps Are $a hundred and fifty-250 + all the different Little issues. Oh confident I Solved the long crank(no start up) by potential of Feathering the gas Pedal As you Crank it over ....i comprehend you're to no longer touch the gas Pedal in a gas Injected automobile as this is going to flood it. yet this did artwork to get it started at as quickly as till I Made ideal maintenance with no need to get a enhance(even with the reality that i do no longer advise this ) good success with this

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