91 jeep Cherokee sluggish start?

Sometimes sluggish start sometimes normal strength start.I had the battery check its ok, then had starter/solenoid checked out by parts store they said thats ok.

I cleaned conections and reinstalled, a few days later no start just a click so I got under and tapped the starter a couple of times and it sluggishly started & all sluggish starts since. So would you figure it has to be the starter even though the parts store said its ok? Or what else could it be?

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  • Kyle
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    9 years ago
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    It's either the starter or the alternator. You may also have a warped head that would cause the sluggish start too but it's unlikely unless it's over heated severely lately.

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  • seper
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    4 years ago

    If this happens After the truck has Sat For a jointly as, you're dropping the best on your gasoline gadget ( needs to Crank a jointly as to construct up tension).you could verify this additionally with the aid of basically letting it sit down for 2-3 minutes, (once you had it working) And restarting it( it is going to hearth perfect up authentic quickly) i understand they're electric powered gasoline Pumps and that they are to construct tension & continuously carry it, yet this does ensue on older jeeps. Get Them to envision your gasoline tension on the gasoline Rail devoid of beginning the truck purely turn the considerable on(they might could enable it sit down 2-3 hrs for the best to be lost to envision the stress. in the event that they do no longer enable it sit down it is going to nevertheless Be preserving tension, deceptive them). this could teach How plenty tension Is interior the line/Rail purely before initiate-up. Then initiate It and notice the place the stress is at. in the event that they inform you you choose for a gasoline pump, you will decide for a sparkling gasoline reveal,Pump,Lockring and Gasket. because of the fact the Pump is interior the gasoline Tank. they're going to Probly Take it Off to alter it. i've got Had 6 Jeeps and that i've got had that issue it grow to be a mix of previous gasoline strains and vulnerable pump. in the event that they're fixing it ask approximately changing THE gasoline strains From the tank to the gasoline Rail. Pumps Are $one hundred fifty-250 + all the different Little issues. Oh specific I Solved the long crank(no initiate) with the aid of Feathering the gasoline Pedal As you Crank it over ....i understand you're to no longer touch the gasoline Pedal in a gasoline Injected automobile because it rather is going to flood it. yet this did paintings to get it began at present till I Made perfect maintenance devoid of having to get a enhance(in spite of the certainty that i do no longer propose this ) stable success with this

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