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Getting a pug. Any important information?

I will, hopefully, be getting a pug soon. We are adopting one from a pug rescue, and he has some little issues. He tends to pee around the house, but that habit can be easily broken. I have owned a German Shepard and a Shiz Tzu(spelling maybe bad) before, so I know how much work they are and issues with the breed.

Pugs I know have breathing issues, and can't stand the heat. They also get allergies, and snore. They can get over weight, so food intake and play needs to be monitored. Like Shiz Tzu's, they can have eye problems, and I think their faces need to be cleaned with a q-tip. Not sure, but from research some websites say pugs faces need to be cleaned once a week. They shed, but most dogs do anyway.

Is there any other information about the breed that I am missing?



I heard that they are very gassy. My husband can't wait to "blame it on the dog."

I also have four cats, two were around dogs but behind a glass. (Petsmart adoptions) One tolerates the other cats (adopted from a different petsmart, not around dogs) and the forth was a stray but she gets along with all the cats. Of course, we will do an interaction through a glass door to see if the pug and our cats will work. (We have a sun room that connects to the kitchen. There is a glass door between the two)

Any other health problems?

Update 2:

*slaps forehead*

The pug is about a year old.

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    Like you said, they aren't good in extreme climates of heat or cold. It is important to keep them in shape since they gain weight easily...but you have to learn to "read" your dog to see when enough is enough. Make sure to stop if he is wheezing and snorting. When trained to properly walk on a leash, they do fine. If you don't train them to walk properly beside you without pulling, they can seriously injure themselves because of their breathing issues. For some Pugs that are especially sensitive, they should wear a harness so that their airways aren't constricted at all.

    They need to have their wrinkles cleaned out, like you said. Also watch for their teeth as many small breeds have teeth issues. Ideally, you should brush their teeth every day, feed hard dog food, and have many chew bones/toys to work those teeth. You mentioned the snoring, but they also fart a lot because of their face shape (they take in a lot of air as they eat so it has to come back out).

    When it comes to training, they can be quite stubborn. They are usually food motivated, but they will only obey if there is something good for them. They are know for being difficult to house break, but it helps if you use a crate *properly*. By that I mean as a safe haven to relax and sleep...not as a place for punishment. This will also help the dog adjust to your new schedule more quickly and easily.

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    If you are getting a puppy make sure the other two dogs, especially the GS, know their boundaries. Puppies aren't made of glass obviously the pug will need to learn how to say "enough" to the other dogs but it is important that whoever is the boss of house(alpha) be present at the first meeting and be very involved. Also, VERY IMPORTANT, when you bring the dog home take all three for 15-20 minute walk... This creates a pack mentality almost immediately and will also assist in calming all the dogs down so that when you get them into the house they aren't running around all over the place haha. The only other thing I can say about pugs is that they like to get underneath places (high couches, high beds) and poop... I have a bulldog and we clean his wrinkles out every other day in the summer and once or twice a week during the winter. Petsmart has some good wrinkle cleaner. Good luck with your new family member!

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    Congratulations! I LOVE pugs..

    You will find that your little pug is quite 'gassy', and sheds a LOT..

    However, both problems can be controlled by feeding a grain-free diet, or at least a diet with no corn, soy or beet pulp. The grain-free diet also helps with the sebum in his wrinkles, doggy smell, and with allergies.

    I find a fragrance free baby wipe works well for cleaning his face and body, 2 or 3 times per week.

    Costco sell a very highly rated grain-free kibble at a very reasonable cost.

    Added: Unless your cats are mean to him, they will likely get along fine. Pugs don't have much hunting or harming drive.

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    Pugs are horrifically ugly. They're almost too ugly to live. Whoever thought to breed pugs in the first place was insane -- or blind.

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    all dogs need training, exercise, socialization and vet care

    talk to groomer or vet about cleaning face

    just read and research

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