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Shadow asked in HealthDiet & Fitness · 10 years ago

What is the positive and negative sides of this kind of Diet?

Please can someone tell me what the positive and negative effects are of having cereal for breakfast and lunch and soup for supper. Please provide some evidence to your answer.

Those who choose to post stupid answers will be located and have my foot shoved somewhere they dont want it!!!

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    I definitely think you'll lose weight but its not that healthy.

    Cereal is good for breakfast but lunch and dinner is going to get boring after a while.

    Try eating good tasting low calorie meals for lunch and dinner like pita bread with some tomato sauce and some low fat cheese. Its a huge looking pizza especially if you cut the pita bread iin two. Its about 200 calories.

    And dinner.... how about grilled chicken over salad with some feta cheese.

    Source(s): Bought the book 200 under 200 from Hungry Girl 200 recipes under 200 calories... you can eat 6 of these large portion meals and lose weight
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    10 years ago


    lots of starches

    not much food, you'll be hungry

    lots of sugar, depending on the cereal

    lots of sodium, depending on the soup


    low calorie

    yummy food

    will probably provide weight loss

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