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Software licenses and keys?

How can I determine which software has a valid license in use and what the license key is, if I have lost all my documentation for all my software but still have the machine running the software? I know about key finders and other stuff, but they don't show all the software licenses. If I need to reinstall my machine and do not have the software licenses, I cannot use the software. I also cannot replace the software because some of them have been discontinued. I don't want to purchase new software because it will cost me a fortune and I don't want to use pirate software because of all the problems involved... and karma will get me...

Please assist me...

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  • 10 years ago
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    Don't look back, karma is gaining.

    Belarc Advisor is about as good as it gets for documenting programs and keys. But that information will not help when your hard drive dies unless you have the original installation media.

    Running an old program under a Virtual Windows 98 is not such a bac thing.

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