Honda S2000 A good car?

Well, I turned 17 recently and I've been saving money from odd-jobs I do from time to time or change I accumulated from the couch/friends not having room from buying things (believe it or not, I made a HELL of a lot of money saving change.) I recently met my mark of $15,000. I've been driving a 2004 Nissian Sentra which is not a car I picked out and I've never really enjoyed it, but I've researched cars for the past year and found that a car I want is the Honda S2000. My brother is a mechanic and said that they are really awesome cars and he works on Hondas constantly so if anything went wrong he has the knowledge.

But, I have put thought into this. I'm positive the insurance is going to sky-rocket... even if I am signed as a co-driver on my dad's policy. I plan on getting another job in the winter to help/pay for it because I really don't wish to be a huge burden to my parents after my other two brothers >_<. How much exactly, I'm not sure yet but I really do wish to have this car because I really want to drive something I enjoy and fits my personality.

But all-in-all is the Honda S2000 worth the time and effort I've put into it? or should I just use what I've accumulated and buy a different car that might be "me"?

Sorry for the wall of text, and great appreciation goes to those who read it and offer an opinion. :)


P.S. I know there is a lot more then insurance that is big, but it's in my opinion the major one. With the $15,000 I have extra $2,000 to pay for things like licensing and stuff like that.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If your smart you buy it baby it and drive it like the collectors car its headed to be! this is a fine car! power, handling etc. they don't offer this car model anymore and it will be a collectors some day. yes insurance will be tough especially at 17 but mark my words don't rack up miles, don't abuse it and you may someday double your investment. Nissan made a roadster while still Datsun the original name called the 2000 roadster. an MG looking roadster and today they are rare and valuable to collectors!

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  • 9 years ago

    S2000 is a very nice and fast car, you can easily make them faster and since they are hondas they are easy to work on. Gas mileage is pretty good and they are 2 seaters so you don't need to bus anyone around. Other than insurance being a little high since its a sports car its a great car. Just get roll seats so you don't kill yourself.

  • 9 years ago

    S2000 is a full on race/track ready car built from bottom to top, It was meant for performance, unlike civic si's or type s's. The feel and handling of it is unmatched by any other roadster. Most people who sell their s2000's go back to it.

    GET IT, you will not regret it. Its decently fast, SUPERB handling, RELIABLE, LOOKS HAWT.

    register on s2kii :D

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    9 years ago

    The insurance will suck but Honda's are really good cars. I myself have a Honda accord and it's lovely. Honda's are well known to be the most reliable.

    If it's what you really want then go for it. You only have one life might as well get what you want.

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  • 9 years ago

    amazing cars im from the uk and when they came out over here they were one of the fastest 2.0 engines on the road, try looking at toyato celica gt, i had a celica and there mint.

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  • 9 years ago

    def man

    my bro got one when it first came out

    and its been 10yrs running strong

    Source(s): bro s2k with greddy turbo kit
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