What should I do if I want to report a mistreated case in the UK, officially and publicly?

Update: In 2007, a female international student has been watched on a midland campus in the UK. SHE had to escape from the UK forningt after SHE moved to Cambridge where SHE was treated badly by the landlady and landlord.
Update 2: Thanks for Leo's answers. it's not the best to provide more details. May I ask who is the right sort of person to contact with if I want to report it publicly?
Update 3: Thanks again. Any recommendation around Birmingham? Is it wise to contact several mass mediums at the same time?
Update 4: I did google one, http://www.al.com/birminghamnews/. Is it all right? Who would be the right person I contact with, an editor or observer? Many thanks!
Update 5: Why do your prefer local medium? Are you a lawyer? I tried to email you but failed.
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