How many of you guys think that Lionel Messi can be the Greatest Soccer player ever?

The general consensus is that Barcelona striker Lionel Messi is currently the best player in the world and may eventually stand as the greatest of all time (though Pele certainly doesn't think agree). Telegraph Sport looks at what managers and players around the world are saying about Messi...

When Asked who the best player in the world is:


"Nobody did what Pele did. Being champion of the world at 17-years-old, won three World Cups, scored more than 1,208 goals, only him. Pele is the best. You can mention players that played for 10 years, for example [Franz] Beckenbauer, [Michel] Platini, [Eric] Cantona, Bobby Charlton, George Best, then come [Diego] Maradona, Zico. Those players used to play a long time. Now the players they play one year, two years, then disappear."

Arsène Wenger

“Messi’s like a PlayStation. He can take advantage of every mistake we make. He made the impossible possible. He has something exceptional. He has six or seven years in front of him, touchwood that nothing happens to him, and he can reach unbelievable levels. In the biggest games, exceptional players still make the difference. Messi is the best player in the world, and by a distance."

Pep Guardiola

“It’s frightening at 23 he is to be the third-highest goalscorer of a club that’s a century old. We are lucky to have him. Put in the superlatives yourselves, I’m running out."

Hristo Stoichkov

"Once they said they can only stop me with a pistol but today you need a machine gun to stop him."

Luis Figo

"For me, to watch Messi play is a pleasure – it's like having an orgasm – it's an incredible pleasure."

Ruud Gullit

"He is already the best in the world and it is also all about the work he does without the ball. He wants to tackle back and get the ball. He is an exceptional talent. I still think Diego Maradona is the best player I have ever seen – but Messi is closing in fast. He's a wonderful sight in full flight and we are lucky to have him around."

Diego Maradona

"I have seen the player who will inherit my place in Argentine football and his name is Lionel Messi. Messi is a genius and he can become an even better player. His potential is limitless and I think he’s got everything it takes to become Argentina’s greatest player."

Carles Puyol

"He is a spectacular player, there is nobody else like him. I should know because I have suffered so much in training."


"It is clear that Messi is on a level above all others. Those who do not see that are blind."

Sir Alex Ferguson

"Well, I had Ronaldo here as a player and I think he is the best player in the world. He can play with both feet, he has fantastic skill, strength and bravery, and he’s a greater header of the ball. But Messi is an absolutely fantastic player also. It’s difficult to choose between the two, it’s the toss of a coin."

So my Quesions are :

1. How many of you guys think that Lionel Messi can be the Greatest Soccer player ever ?

2. Why he ( Lionel Messi ) may become Greatest Soccer player ever ?

Please give your response wether will he become Gratest Soccer player ever or not !!!

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  • 9 years ago
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    I don't think he is all of that mainly I know he is an excellent player but his is as good as he seems because he has people like Xavi ( True Genius Of Barcelona) and Iniesta and all of them he does all of this for Barca but where is all this so called skill with Argentina enough said we will talk when he wins a WC (NEVER LOL!!!!!)

    Source(s): seen him play for a while
  • 9 years ago

    1. He has the potential and can definitely be on top of the world. So far he has demonstrated to be the best at Club level(Ok to disagree with me, but look at his stats and they naturally become facts). He is yet to demonstrate that at international level when he plays for his NT. If he needs to be World best player or GOAT(Greatest of all Times), then he needs to win the WC cup not one, but more than one. Maradona had only one, but his legacy is the way he won the WC almost single handedly. Messi needs to do better than that, which he has not in 2 WCs he has played.

    2. If Messi can accomplish winning 2 WCs in his career and keep playing and scoring the way he has right now, there is no one to stop him nor Pele can say anything about him. Of course Pele will never say good about Argentine players and that is their rivalry. At present, Pele is still the king. Maradona comes second because of his WC title else Zico would have been there.

    So having watched Pele, Zico, Maradona, Messi play their soccer - if Messi can repeat his Club performances on NT - who is there to stop him. No one. Until that, he is just another great player not to have won the WC title. I wish he wins a couple titles.

  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    WTF? Are those quotes? Do you seriously believe that Pele said "Nobody did what Pele did", referring to himself?

    Anyway, Messi's far too young and far too unproven at international level to be considered the greatest RIGHT NOW.

    He's 23, turning 24, Pele was only considered the GREATEST, after winning the 1970 World Cup, by then he was 30, and even after that he continued to be brilliant for Santos.

    Messi is incredible, but to be honest, in terms of just talent, he's not THAT far ahead of Ronaldo, if C.Ronaldo has Xavi, Iniesta etc. all giving him the ball at every opportunity, Ronaldo would also be able to score 50 goals a season.

    Messi needs to win a WC or at least reach the final to even enter the discussions regarding the TOP 5 of all time. Pele, Maradona, Cruyff, Zidane, Puskas and Beckenbauer have all carried their countries to the WC final, Messi has yet to show that he can CARRY an entire team by himself. At Barca, they make it easy for him.

    Currently, I'd say Messi doesn't make top 10 of all time, simply because he plays in one of the greatest sides in r ecent memory, and because he's not made an impact for Argentina, and because his career is not finished yet.

  • Dan M
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    9 years ago

    Well yeah. . Why does he have to win the World Cup to be considered in that light. A lot of people think that Cruyff is. He never did. Or George Best. He never got to the World Cup. You can not judge a player solely on how they play in the World Cup or to be more accurate. . How good the team they have around them is. If he carries on improving he will be undoubtably the greatest of all time.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Messi will still have to prove himself. In his country he should be scoring lots of goals. In the WC he didn't.

    Who knows maybe he's only good in La Liga like Diego Forlan.

    When he was in the EPL he was terrible

  • 9 years ago

    Me Becoz he has done 52 goals in 1 season and will and on to it and 2 times player of the year and probally will win 2011 player of year thats 3 in a row iv never seen a player do that

  • 9 years ago

    Messi will NEVER be the best player in the world! Mark my words NEVER. Why? Simply because he wil never win a World Cup with Argentina.

  • 9 years ago

    Messi will still have to prove himself. In his country he should be scoring lots of goals. In the WC he didn't.

    Who knows maybe he's only good in La Liga like Diego Forlan.

    When he was in the EPL he was terrible.

  • I don't. When has messi scored in a close game. That's right. Never.

  • 9 years ago

    He already is in my eyes, greatest footballer of all times.

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