Theories on locked-door gunshot (for amateur detectives)?

[Note: This scenario happened in a series I just started watching (/Gargoyles/) and has a supernatural/cryptozoological explanation behind it, but I found myself wondering what a normal police-person or detective investigating the scene would think.]

A woman is found outside the hospital on a spare stretcher. She has a gunshot wound in her torso and is not breathing. She manages to survive thanks to the quick action of the hospital staff but isn't awake yet.

Investigation into the crime reveals no blood or evidence of a struggle outside the hospital, but after digging deeper, you find out her address and go to her apartment. There you find a pool of blood. The door to her apartment is locked when you get there and there is no sign of forced entry, but one large window in the apartment is open.

A handgun, later found to be belonging to the woman herself, is lying abandoned on the floor several feet away from the pool of blood.

The angle of the gunshot, etc. (as well as the fact that the gun is some ways away from the pool of blood where the woman's body presumably was) implies that the gunshot wound was /not/ self-inflicted.

The only fingerprints on the gun are smudged beyond recognition.

Hospital personnel say that the woman had to have been brought to them within a few minutes of being shot or she would not have survived.

The hospital is not near the woman's apartment.

Her apartment is several stories off the ground. There is a ledge outside her open window, but no trees or anything else to climb there from.

No witnesses claim to have seen either the injured woman or her presumed assailant leave her apartment after the shot.

The woman herself is a cop (hence why she owned a handgun) and it's likely that she has several criminal enemies who might be willing to do away with her.

How do YOU think the injury happened?

(My own best guess would be that the woman was attacked by someone who managed to enter from outside her apartment and her body was abandoned as dead; but someone found her body and brought it to the hospital anonymously, so they wouldn't be considered a suspect when authorities investigated. The main flaw in my theory is the time it would take; the woman probably would have already died by then...)

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  • 10 years ago
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    1. Do forensics indicate the weapon found was indeed the weapon that fired the bullet in the victim?

    Perhaps she was trying to use her gun in self defense.

    2. If her gun & bullet match then we have a third party who knows the location of her gun.Cops don't just leave their guns laying around. ( My family has numerous officers)

    3. It's possible she left the apartment under her own power & locked the door behind her. Then a good Samaritan takes her to the hosp.

    4. Find the driver. Wait for her to wake up. Your choice.

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