American parents, do you fear that due to the debate over military wages that less and less will voluntarily?

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sign up for the service, eventually leading to the draft being reinstated, and possibly, just possibly, including our daughters next to our sons?
Update : *Just more random thoughts bouncing around in my skull
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I ALWAYS fear for our soldiers, and not just because of compensation - they sacrifice more than any of us to benefit big business and oil interests that so heavily influence our politicians for their own gains. We don't even have to ration and stop buying asphalt shingles for our roofs or stand in line for bread.
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  • Umboo LunQuay answered 3 years ago
    Grab a history book.
    Study the roman empire.
    Then study the British Empire.
    This sort of behaviour never works.
    America needs to stop trying to be the last british empire amd to look after itself, which it in most forms seems to be failing.
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  • KC answered 3 years ago
    I don't think the draft will ever become reinstated, no matter what the situation. I come from a long line of Marines. My grandfather, dad, uncles, brothers... and they didn't join for the money and there are plenty of people out there just like them.
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  • ? answered 3 years ago
    The draft was never abandoned? We still have it and if we go to war and we don't have enough people then they'll draft. All men have to register when they turn 18. Women, will not have too, we have enough men for women to have the option of joining no matter what, and if it comes down to were were all out of men. Then I think we've lost due to the fact we wouldn't really be able to repopulate.
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