Infected piercing. Can I take it out?

Got my nipples pierced in Oct last year. My left one is infected, so I started the sea salt baths to help the infection yesterday. My nipple is swollen, and sore. I will be taking Ibuprofen later to help the swelling later, and will do another salt bath when I get home from work. There is pus, but you only see it when you take the piercing out. (I did yesterday for a sea salt bath)

My belly is pierced, but never had any problems with it being infected. My ears are pierced, and with them I can take out. (They've been pierced for years) Can I take out the one piercing for a couple of hours? I'm at work now, about 8:40am, and will be home at 5:30pm. I was hoping to keep it out until I get home, soak it, then put the piercing back in. It's a 14g, bar about 1/2 inch long. Will I also have to get a longer bar to help with swelling for the time being?


BJ- I have an hand cleaning OCD. My hands are constantly clean, and if they feel dirty they must be washed!

I took it out yesterday to hopefully get some of the infection out. I'll keep it in during the baths. It feels like it's been pierced all over again >.<

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    10 years ago
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    It sounds like the piercings aren't fully healed, Having your nipples pierced are in an awkward spot so your always got something rubbing on them like a bra or shirt, so this could irritate the piercings making them take longer to heal. When cleaning the piercing leave the bar in and just use an ear bud soak it in salty water for a few seconds then apply to both ends of the piercing. Try twisting the bar so the salt water gets into it, if it won’t twist don't force it.

    Also maybe stop taking the bar out, leave it in and just keep cleaning it morning and night. Removing the pricing then putting it back in will just keep irritating it, Your body will just reject thper icingng if you keep taking it out then putting it back in.

    Also before and after cleaning wash hands and mayb sanitizese them :)

  • 10 years ago

    to be honest i wouldnt take the piercing out,by the time you get home its going to be healed,any piercing within the first couple of years will heal within the first ten minutes and it may be painfull getting it back in, i had a part of my ear pierced yesterday and the women sed to me sometimes its best to keep them in,either go to the doctors or carry on doing what your doing. x

  • 10 years ago

    you should go see a doctor

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