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My rats used to get along. What happened?

I've had my rats for over a year. I adopted them together, and everything was peachy. I have two named Lucifer and Damion. (Weird names I know)

About six months after I had them I noticed Lucifer was bleeding on his leg. I cleaned off his wound, and the cage. I separated him from Damion, so there would be anymore attacks. They were in a 20 or 30 gallon tank, so I upgraded them to an old ferret cage. (One of those tall ones with layers and ladders. There was also a wheel put in there) They were pretty happy with the room, but then Damion attacked Lucifer again. (I don't see the attacks. I just see the blood on the one rat) Once again, I separated them.

Damion does have an eye issue where one is squinted. He has been to the vet for it, but there was nothing that they could really do.

Lucifer is blind in one eye, but it doesn't bother him. He's nicer than Damion.

It could be a dominate thing. First time rat owner. I want to try again, but I don't want Lucifer to keep getting attacked. I do not know what the sudden change was. I can understand the tank, but when I adopted them they said the tank was a good size for the rats. (I showed them what tank I had) I do have an outdoor pen. Should I try to let them out together to see how they are, then try them in a cage again?

If that doesn't work then they can stay in separete cages.


Forgot to add, they are both males, about 3 years old.

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    My rats do the same thing. I have three boys (actually four, but the 4th is a baby who stays by himself), about 1 year old now, and they got along perfectly before. Now they're growing up and they fight more because of dominance, and sometimes because of space. Letting them out more does help, and if you see one of them bothering the other you can take that one out for him to calm down. Also, if you only see blood on the one rat, it's possible he may scratch too much or be cleaned too much by the other rat, causing irritated skin and scabs. The new cage was a good idea, but leave them in there longer- the new cage means new dominance must be asserted for the new territory, and after a while it should calm down.

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    Ok first off the petstore lied to you rats should never be in glass tanks it can make them sick they need ventalation and need to be in cages. Super pet my first home for exotics is the best cage it can hold 2 good sized males or 3 females.

    I am guessing that Damion has hormonal issues you have two options what I recommend is perment seperation but some people will get the aggresive male fixed and a few weeks after surgery the hormons should die down and the male will be nicer then you can put them back together. Its a very good possbility that without all those hormons he will never attack his brother again. Watch them during play time does one instagate the other into a fight like pushing, puffed hair, force grooming, standing on hind legs. Make sure you know which on is causeing problems Luifer could have the hormonal issues and push Damion into a fight and Damion hurts Lucifer protecting himself.

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    Even if your rats were showing dominace, there would be no blood. Blood during or after fighting means the other Rat was coming on as an Attack.

    I owned two males rats and they got along just fine. I adopted them together. They had their squabbles but never brought on blood.

    Also you mentioned that one rat has a squinted eye. An injury makes an animal feel weak and he may be over expression his dominace in order to make up for his weakness.

    And you say you never see the attacks. Are you 100% sure they are attacking one another?

    Rat mucus is actually red. Are you sure that you aren't just seeing their mucus on his fur? Blood would be thick and dark red. Bllod also dries brown. Their mucus is a bright red and looks like it's smudged on their fur.

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    males usually get territorial and i think it happens when they get older. they could fight because of treats, or if you just have one water source or food source or one shelter one might be in the others territory. i have to girls so i don't and i hope they don't fight later on. but i would get more than one of food water and shelter and put them in the opposite end of the cages. i haven't experienced it but thats what i would do.

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