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What is the cause of this brown discharge?

I while ago I had this odd brown discharge that only last for a couple of says. Everything I have looked up points to something called implantation. It relates to pregnancy but I am a virgin. Everything matches up though! The amount of time it lasted. The color it was. The consistency of the discharge. ETC. What could this be? Please help me I am rather scared.

Note: My boyfriend and I were recently sexually active. However, there was never actually any penile penetration. Like I said, I am a virgin. This brown discharge happened a couple of days after that. And about a week before Im supposed to get my period. Please help me! I really need it! I feel like Im scaring myself into thinking am pregnant, which logically, doesn't seem to be possible!

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    It's because you're getting close to your period. Mine always does that. Don't worry about it, it happens to most girls.

  • Joanna
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    10 years ago

    It's just light period flow. Since it's just a little, it takes longer to travel outside of your uterus, and with time, it changes to brown (old)

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