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IS there anyway for me to rejoin the military with a RE 4 and other than honorable discharge?

I was discharged from active duty military with an re code of 4 and oth discharge. I was 17 and stupid as i had issues then. I did not realize that it would screw my life over as it has and i can not follow my path in life. I can not keep working these temp jobs or these dead end life jobs. I want the chance to serve my country over and to be able to pursue my life's dream. Unfortunately as it would have of me i have nothing because of that. So is there any way to get reenlisted short of having the president himself signing off on it? So can anyone help me here and please if you are just going to write you're screwed please refrain from doing so thank you

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    Sorry, with an RE-4 "and" a OTH ~ you are DONE.....

    There are so many people trying to get back in with an RE-3 so no pity will fall upon you.

    You can try that website to upgrade your discharge to an RE-3, but the OTH will probably doom you. Get to typing or writing up your appeal as you are in it for the long haul if you TRULY want to get back in.

    Tip: If it was for drugs, then you are done.

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    NOPE. you're toast. no, you are a whole LOAF of TOAST.

    the only way this would happen for you would be if the military board of corrections reviewed your case, and upgraded your discharge. but upgrading your discharge does not necessarily upgrade your reenlistment code! the reenlistment code has the reasons why you were discharged. getting the BOC to make a change to either is quite a trick to accomplish in any case. it might be easier to pull flowers out of your rear end. requests for changes have to be made within a certain length of time, etc, and with so many qualified applicants that don't need people to jump through hoops for them, i am going to go out on a limb here and say you have no chance!

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    by John,

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    by John,

    "Is there anyway I can get a gas compensation when traveling to my Air Guard unit for training once a month?"

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    Additional Details

    John449- How about you stop being a smartass. Gas was $1.90 last year at this time where I live so I really don't need to here that **** from you!

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    Not today, the military has more than enough people trying to get in that are not screw ups. Should have thought about it good luck with the rest of your life with a less than honorable hung around your neck.

    Source(s): Airborne Medic
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    There is no way unless you get a Congressmen to sign off on it, and they only do it once it like once in 6 years. And your case has to be something like The secretary accidentally put RE4 on your paperwork as a typo.

    You are basically screwed.


    Edited. I find it funny that I gave the same answer as everyone else (no, you are screwed) but I have 4 thumbs down.

    But I LOVE that the Navy guy BoatBMI busted you for being a TROLL! BUAH HAHAHAHHAHA

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    You have no chance anytime short of a full mobilization and WW3...and even then most likely not.

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    will NOT happen. all actions have consequences. these are yours.

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