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My mom's depressed, help?

She started getting more depressed when her mom died. Then my eldest sister left to college. My parents dont even love each other. My dad is an absolute douche bag, and my mom thinks we need her at home. My mom thinks everything in the house is dirty, that our animals are useless and should be thrown in the lake (ie, she keeps saying we need to sell my rabbit because my rabbit doesnt let her carry her lol) When my dad isnt around though, she's a little more happy. But still, its a beautiful saturday morning and she keeps saying how great the weather is outside... and i say "we should go out and swim", or "wanna come to the workout room with me?" She answers with "its too cold to swim" or "i dont want to get sweaty" or, she changes the subject and says "why are you sitting at home when you should call your friends?" Dont get me wrong, i love to spend time with my friends, but i cant when my mother is complaining all the time.

On the other hand. my dad is a douche. A pure douche. Television is rotting his brain, he works at home, he eats like a slob, he thinks we should all show him respect when he doesnt show us the same. My dad loves us, dont get me wrong, he tries to help us with homework and makes sure we're not doing drugs.... BUT HES SO EXCESSIVE ABOUT IT. He wont let me sleep over my friend's house, whom i've known for eleven years, because she has a brother. He thinks i shouldnt stay home alone with MY BROTHER because he thinks we might do something. I'm not a slut. I'm not stupid. I'm top of my class, for gods sake. If i get a B mark, it follows with an uproar from my dad, and my phone taken away (of which i've learned i dont really need since he's ALWAYS taking it away for no reason). I go on facebook. He follows me. He lurks my facebook. He points out stupid things my friends say. I delete my account. He never makes food for himself. He expects my mom to make him dinner every night. He's on a diet. Only protien. Pasta for dinner? No, it has carbs. My mom has to make a special dish just for him.

Just, please give me advise. Sorry for my ranting :(

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    um why is your mom "your" problem

    push her to the side and worry about yourself

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    Please remember- no matter what- your mom CHOSE your father. They are a couple until the day they decide otherwise. They are not helpless children, and you are not your mother`s parent.

    You should be concentrating on school and your own social life, and not concerned with your parents troubles. Please remember that whenever we feel unhappy- only we can change that. Similarly- your parents can change whatever they need to to make themselves happy. Until the day that they do actually make a change - they are liking things enough as they are. Then let them be and butt out. Go party and be a happy teenager.

    Source(s): dr med. psychoanalysis
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