My ex cheated then abandoned me for that person over a year ago. He has me blocked on facebook & still calls?

It's been OVER A YEAR!!!

To make a long story short, my ex cheated and then dumped me for the person he cheated on me with. He didnt even try and save our relationship or apolgize, he just left me for this other person without giving it a second thought, and without even having the courtesy to tell me he was dumping me. He just left.

Ever since then, he's ignored me on bChrstmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, my birthday, his birthday, etc since we were no longer together.

My question is, why does be randomly call or text me every 4 months completely out of the blue like nothings wrong and we're best friedns? I havent physically seen him or dated him in more than a year (14 months)! It's been more than 2 years since we've actually been o na rea ldate.

Why does he even have my number after more tha na year of no contact, and after all the rotten things he did? This is the third time in over a year that hes called me. I never pick up. Even if it was a drunk-dial, or because he broke up wit hsomeone, it's still no reason t ocontact me after he showed me no compassion and threw me away like a piece of trash.

It just makes me wonder why he would contact me after more than a year? Maybe 4 months from now he wil lcall again? I dont understand.

Your thoughts..

oh and by the way he never apologizes in his text or voicemails.

he always texts me from some random number i dont recognize saying this is an old "friend", instead of saying this is an old "boyfriend."

And I did send that closure letter, all 30 pages of it, last year! so jhe has no reason to be contacting me after A FULL YEAR yet he STILL calls every 4 - 6 months.

I feel that being Drunk or sober is no longer a valid excuse to call me when it's been more than a year. Will he still be calling me 2 years from now?

It's hard to move on, and im not changing my number on all my resumes, business cards, doctors, friends, etc. No way.

Why does he still contact me after he threw me away like a piece of trash? I know it'a not because of guilt.

he 19 and bipolar and im much older than he is, but being bipolar is not a reason to be a vicious sociopath towards me.

Why is he calling me when he has me BLOCKED on facebook and everything else when he abandoned me over a year ago?

If we cant be friends on freaking facebook , myspace ,AIM, and email, then how the heck are we gonna be friends in real life? Plus he has no right to call me without even apoligizing. I neevr respond to his calls. I want nothing to do with him so i ignore him ,but it still brings back those freaking memories.

and obviously yes im still hurt after a year, a lot of people would me after what he did.

I think im gonna have his number blocked by sprint if it's possible to do that for free? ignoring him is the best?

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  • Elated
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    9 years ago
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    Too long to read, but in response to your post, block his calls.

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  • 9 years ago

    1. Ignore him! I am glad to hear you never respond, keep it up and do not respond, ever!

    2. You can get a Google Voice number, its a Virtual number. It tracks incoming and outgoing calls very easily, and can forward the incoming call to any phone number you want. So you never have to give out your real phone number to anyone you do not want to, but you get to keep your original number.

    3. Get a specific notebook just for these calls. Document everything in case you need it later on, such as if he were to start stalking you.

    Facebook displays your phone number. You can change this in settings. I would suggest making your social networking very limited and strict on privacy settings. Be careful with your privacy, learn as much as you can about digital security (for example, If you have a cellphone you are posting pictures with, ensure your GPS is disabled on the exif data... you can not be too careful.)

    It is hard to say if he will continue to contact you or not. You can only hope for the process of extinction here, that if you continue to ignore him he will eventually give up.

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  • Paulh
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    9 years ago

    Its obvious you have not reached full closure as you are still waiting for an apology and are traumatized by his behavior and him. Its unlikely you will get an apology out of him at this stage. He's probably unaware he did anything wrong or has forgotten.

    All you can really do is block his calls or put your phone on voicemail. Get his mails sent to your junk mail box or regarded as nuisance mail.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    He's an ex. Keep it that way. Every time he contacts you it opens old wounds. You need to change ALL your contact info keep it private and refuse to have any contact with him.

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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    Be polite to all, but intimate with few.

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