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Has America ever lost a war?

just wondering.


I'd have to say YES as the main principle in all of this is actually the long forgotten people who once owned this great land ie Red Indians as to me those are the true Americans whilst Europeans and Scandinavians decided to up and leave their lands and cause all sorts of atrocities towards the true keepers.soz about the rant guys n dolls

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    A war is not a football game, everyone loses.

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    10 years ago

    In some respects, yes.

    The war with Japan, although we obtained a surrender, we put so much money and effort into their rebuilding, and giving them a lot of our industry, the normal working stiff lost plenty, plus the thousands of American lives.

    Korea and VietNam,

    We did not win a damn thing in either of these military fiasco's, as both were fought, with the loss of over 120K American lives, plus thousands of those suffering lifetime injuries, to stop the spread of communism, so now we are in debt to the largest communist nation on earth, China, so actually our fighting was in vain.

    Iraq, another boondoggle with the loss of over 6000 American lives, countless soldiers crippled for life and millions of dollars in tax payer funds wasted, with no actual end in sight, and we have won nothing.

    Now we're in Afghanistan, where the original intent was to capture and bring to trial one Osama, but that idea was scrapped as we had no idea where or how to accomplish this task, and our objective has changed so many times even the military heads forgot why we're there. Another war we will not and cannot win.

    It seems like our political parasites in Washington ,just keeps sending our troops to these illegal and senseless wars to avoid counting them on the unemployment rolls, or population control of our young.

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    Technically, we haven't lost any war. But at the same time, if we look at the Korean War and the Vietnam War, we could say those could've been handled better. Also, in WWII, the Nazi regime achieved most of its goals, that doesn't mean they won the war, because Germany paid the price after the war ended.

    Just remember, both sides lose in a war.

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    10 years ago

    Vietnam, no body won. And the canadians won 1812 but some americans like to pretend they didn't even though historical facts show that Canada won.

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  • 10 years ago

    I think they lost to the Canadians a while back (1800's or some time earlier).

    They lost Vietnam, they lost in Iraq, they are losing in Afghanistan (most of Afghanistan is still controlled by the Taliban). They have a knack for losing wars... But they do it because they love Israel... ;)

    The US army is good at bombing and killing innocent civilians as well as commiting mass rape and persecution.

    The US army sodomized young boys in front of their mothers in Abu Ghraib, they rape, they plunder, they destroy, they dehumanize, and they do it in time for dinner.

    Than the US government sends organizations like Xe (Blackwater) to commit more savage and destructive acts.

    Yup... The US of A. The most barbaric nation of the modern world, also has insane military weaponry. It's a shame.

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    Officially - no.

    The closest examples are the War of 1812 and the Vietnam War. However:

    The War of 1812 technically ended in a draw.

    In the Vietnam War, the US officially announced that they would leave the war in 1973, thus, leaving the war before the South Vietnamese defeat.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The war of 1812 was a draw and it was only by a miracle(quite literally) that we were able to defeat the Royal Army.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Yes we have, Vietnam was a loss, Korea was a stale mate, half of America lost the civil war, The war on drugs is impossible to win, the war on terror is impossible to win.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    Think about this, has the USA ever won a war on their own?

  • 10 years ago

    A war, no but plenty of police actions.

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