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My ex cheated on me & abandoned me for that person. It's been over a year so why does he still contact me?

It's been OVER A YEAR!!!

To make a long story short, my ex cheated and then dumped me for the person he cheated on me with. He didnt even try and save our relationship or apolgize, he just left me for this other person without giving it a second thought, and without even having the courtesy to tell me he was dumping me. He just left.

Ever since then, he's ignored me on bChrstmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, my birthday, his birthday, etc since we were no longer together.

My question is, why does be randomly call or text me every 4 months completely out of the blue like nothings wrong and we're best friedns? I havent physically seen him or dated him in more than a year (14 months)! It's been more than 2 years since we've actually been o na rea ldate.

Why does he even have my number after more tha na year of no contact, and after all the rotten things he did? This is the third time in over a year that hes called me. I never pick up. Even if it was a drunk-dial, or because he broke up wit hsomeone, it's still no reason t ocontact me after he showed me no compassion and threw me away like a piece of trash.

It just makes me wonder why he would contact me after more than a year? Maybe 4 months from now he wil lcall again? I dont understand.

Your thoughts..

oh and by the way he never apologizes in his text or voicemails.

he always texts me from some random number i dont recognize saying this is an old "friend", instead of saying this is an old "boyfriend."

And I did send that closure letter, all 30 pages of it, last year! so jhe has no reason to be contacting me after A FULL YEAR yet he STILL calls every 4 - 6 months.

I feel that being Drunk or sober is no longer a valid excuse to call me when it's been more than a year. Will he still be calling me 2 years from now?

It's hard to move on, and im not changing my number on all my resumes, business cards, doctors, friends, etc. No way.

Why does he still contact me after he threw me away like a piece of trash? I know it'a not because of guilt


yes i know he read it.

he is 19 and bipolar and im much older than he is, but being bipolar is not a reason to be a vicious sociopath towards me.

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    He's a child and using a child's reasoning. A child doesn't see consequences or think about how their actions affect others - they get bored and return to familiar places, people, patterns. Consider blocking his number, whatever you have to do through your phone provider to make that happen. Yes he was wrong, yes he's an *** for treating you badly - but YOU are the one still affected by it.

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    Have u considered changing ur number? That might be the best solution so u can get over this heartache. Try not to focus ur life energy on this person because it is a waste of ur time and energy.

    I have found this series of videos on you tube so maybe it can help u?


    Youtube thumbnail


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    Because "FUKC OFF" would have sufficed and you sent him THIRTY PAGES...do you actually think he read that?

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  • i think that he's just trying to use u so continue to not answer his calls.

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