Was this nonconsensual sex?

I'm a straight guy, asian, mid 30s, and work out a lot. I guess I'm considered sort of good looking but in a somewhat feminine way. I think it has to do with my low testosterone, about 150-200 ng/dl, but doctor says its ok and says I should not go on testosterone supplements. So even though I work out a lot, I'm not like a bodybuilder, but kind of have a smooth, hairless look.

I've been getting to know this very hot blonde girl at the gym. Both she and her female workout partner seem to like me and was getting close to asking her out. I'm about 5'7", 150lb. The girl I like is about 5'6" 145lb and her friend is 5'9" 165lb, both very fit. These two other guys at gym I guess didn't like that I was getting attention from them so they started to kind of pick on me and sort of calling me sissy, look like a girl, etc. They are both the powerlifting types not in shape but very strong. I would guess they are about 6'3" with one guy about 300lb and another guy a bit larger at around 350lb. That said, their behavior backfired on them and the girls started to take my side on things and even started to stick up for me against them.

After about 2 months of this, they started to be very friendly and we started to get along and we even would go to bars together I would help them trying to pick up girls generally with no success - they are very large hairy types. At this point I started dating the girl I liked and she and her friend would try to help.

After a few weeks, after a night of drinking with just the guys, we went back to their place to hang out. I passed out from what I thought was alcohol, but I think they laced my drink. I woke up naked in their bed and very sore in my anus. The guys were not there so I dressed up and gave them a call asking what happened. They said that I came onto them and they used my body. We got into a huge argument that got hostile, then they said they videotaped it and would show my gf and her friend the videotape if I didn't settle down. They said that I would need to service them periodically also, I don't think they are gay but they have been using me a few times a week for the past couple months.

I'm trying to break things off now, but don't really know how. Can I pursue legal actions against these guys for sort of forcing me into it? If I do, I also do not want the videotapes and pictures to get out but don't know how.


Also, they email me pictures every day of their things inside of me. I look really stupid with their very large packages (about 7 or 8in) inside of me, especially since I'm only about 4in hard but a little less than 3" flacid. I know I'm not gay either because I've heard that gays sometimes get hard from receiving it and I've never had a erection in probably over 40-50 times of receiving it.

Update 2:

I know this story sounds really ridiculous. That's why I'm asking here and can't get nerve to talk to anyone in person about this, even though I didn't ever get erection and these guys did, it really makes me look gay which I know I am not but feeling really depressed about having to go through this continually.

Its also affected my ability to get an erection with my gf, but I try to compensate with oral down there for her which I can perform for about an hour, she seems to be ok with it but I'm getting concerned that she will look around for another guy that can provide her regular sex more often.

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  • 9 years ago
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    This was rape and you should have called the cops right away. You should still call the cops, it will just be harder to prove now that you've washed away all of the evidence. Just tell them you were scared to come forward sooner.

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  • 9 years ago

    The best thing to do is to record the phonecalls you make and text messages from these guys. Call them again and talk about it, make sure the call is being recorded without them knowing. You can use this as evidence in court if you are willing to report this. I would also stay well away from them and from the gym until the case is dealt with. It may be embarassing, but you should also tell the police (if they dont mention it again whilst recording) that they said they have a videotape etc

    Thats assuming this is real, which i doubt it is.

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  • aase
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    4 years ago

    Rape is as dangerous as homicide given that it's quite often played through preserving the rapee's existence hostage. That is, you'll simplest rape anybody given that you threaten to homicide them. Please learn this and watch the video underneath, to its finish (honestly, that is now not the video I intended. I cannot discover the comply with-up video, however possibly you'll). You had been reinforcing the rape = arousal connection for your brain for many years. You'll have got to quit dong that and begin developing a brand new connection. Stop looking rape stuff, or having rape fantasies. Only masturbate to softcore porn. Make it the rather smooth, lesbian porn even. Yes, in the beginning you will not be competent to. That's quality, you do not masturbate/fantasise in any respect then. Just move approximately your day. Sooner or later the sexual want will construct up sufficient so that you can be competent to do it. You can get simply as so much pride from some thing else as you do from this. It's all in how you utilize your brain. Stop looking to create rationalizations for why it is alright to be into rape, and simply eliminate it. You can.

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  • 9 years ago

    If the best you can do with your life is to amuse your self by sitting around dreaming up such fantasies simply to post on places like this, you need to discover a new interest.

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  • Jay
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    9 years ago

    Wow. How long have you been thinking up that story!?

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  • SkyNet
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    9 years ago


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