Do you think that taking away normal playground play/activities has affected the social devepment between gend?

When I was a kid, boys chased girls, and girls chased boys... Boys would pull your ponytail, and lift your dress, saying "It's dress up day!", or on those rare occasions where they caught you, they'd give you a kiss...

When I went home and said something to Dad, he'd just say "Dark Eyes? That's the only way they know how to show they like you."

It didn't make my scalp feel better, but it made my feelings feel better...

You do that stuff now, and you get suspended from school, but I think of it more along the lines of "You crawl before you walk" kinda thing, and since one aspect of childhood has been removed, it's essentially skipping a step in growing up, and socializing.



@Missy A... Ok girl, out back now! I got some ponytail pullin' I need to take care of!

Update 2:

@WYETT M... I don't think it's so much the school system, but that the school system got their hand forced... Today, if a young girl goes home and tells her daddy that the boys in school were pulling her hair, and lifting her dress, Daddy would call the school in a rage about what happened to his daughter at school!

It's the same thing with that teacher in PA that was suspended for blogging about her students being lazy whiners... You can't even tell the truth about kids, and you can't let kids just be kids, so now...? They don't know how to be kids.

I don't think it's feminists, I think it's the whole gotta be "politically correct" issue...

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  • 10 years ago
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    It's ridiculous, and it doesn't stop at what you're describing... from suspensions and expulsions for kids being kids to denying kids the opportunity to play dodgeball or have holiday parties (two of the things that essentially everyone I know of looked forward to at that age).

    People are overprotective of their kids - they want to do what is "right" but the problem is that most people don't really know what "right" is. The problem is perpetuated by people watching Katie Couric report about some study performed by a so-called expert says that if your child was forced to square dance in gym class, he or she is 10% more likely to be a millionaire, and suddenly you have 100 parents calling a school demanding square dancing as a gym activity. The thing is that each child is different, and each child responds differently to situations and activities. There's no "right" thing to do because what helps one kid could very well hurt another.

    The thing that people tend to forget is how the views of supposed "experts" have changed through the years. These experts have told teachers and schools to do this and that because it will "make it better" for our education system. Where has it gotten us? We're lagging behind in education. Children are coddled tattle tales nowadays rather than learning how to defend themselves. The amount of exposure given to these topics has only made this worse (in my opinion).

    Think about it - what are some of the animals that you fear the most? Sharks are probably one of the first to come to a lot of peoples minds, right? You know what kills more people every year than sharks? Cows. Seriously. Similarly, statistically speaking, nuclear power is actually the SAFEST form of energy available. You read that right. Friggin windmills kill more people every year than nuclear energy! Yet, you hear the words nuclear reactor, and you immediately think of death and mutants. Because of 1 (completely avoidable) incident in Russia, and 1 minor mishap that realistically did no damage whatsoever in the US.

    The problem is that the media takes an isolated incident, and blows it way out of proportion. Not only that, but it doesn't let you forget about it either. Think of the big thing right now - cyber bullying. You see stories like the one in my source - headline is "Teens Arrested in Cyber-Bullying." for sending lewd, threatening texts. Read the story, and you'd think they were picking on one kid from school who was unable to defend himself.

    If you research the story, you find out it was members of a rival high school football team trash-talking a kid on the other team a week before they play.

    This was in Austin - a city of 750,000 people, and it made the news. As someone who's played football through the D-1 college level, trust me, you would hear much worse things from the guy lining up in front of you - and that's someone you're within an arms reach of! You see tons of similar headlines - Twitter Fight Leads to Murder! Did it? Because those two idiots hated each other long before they started tweeting one another about it.

    My point is that people panic about EVERYTHING, and they demand immediate attention about any problem that is "sweeping the country." If the example that you gave became a newstory, could you imagine the headlines? "Millions of boys across America Sexually Assault their Female Classmates!" How quick do you think that sort of behavior would be squashed? Wouldn't you agree that it's not only an over reaction, but somewhat of a deception by the media?

    The knee jerk reactions due to some study with skeptical results need to stop - basically we need to better TEST new theories in small markets first rather than suddenly banning dodgeball across America because it made some fat kid feel like a loser. To that kids parents - how about rather than suing the school for "making my kid feel depressed" how about you take the damn cupcake out of his hand, kick his *** outside, and let the dog chase him around for an hour every day? Maybe then he'd be better at sports, and it'd actually HELP his confidence rather than hurt it.

    Of course, that's not going to happen because as society, we're expected to adjust to accomodate people rather than allowing people to adjust to accomodate society. Thus we throw out knee-jerk reaction policies which can seriously change the way our children learn to grow and socialize - policies that could hurt our kids in the longrun. Of course, there's really no way to know what the longterm impacts would be without extensive studying, which people don't allow - they want results now, and sadly our kids are the ones who could end up missing out in the long run.

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  • 10 years ago

    It is a matter of overprotection and not just a gender issue alone. The baby boomers were raised by parents who endured WWII. So, pulling a pigtail or a minor scuff in the playground was nothing compared rationing cotton and gasoline or being shot at by german machine guns. The baby boomers didn't have such extreme issues. So, maybe they focused more on protecting Billy and Susie from EVERYTHING. As each generation comes along, life is not as hard. The media just emphasizes these issues as well. Then when an event like Columbine happens, people freak out and look for any small bad behavior as something to fear and dread.

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  • I'm with Stef (again) here. That said - I never pony-tail pulled or dress lifted - not my style - always said there must be something wrong with me.

    As the other guy said - I always say they should just let kids be kids for a while - it's a long enough and hard enough life without forcing adult (if you can genuinely call politically correct ideas adult in reality - or are they just childish demands wrapped in adult clothes?) values on them. Jeez - even the courts and psychiatrists don't demand the same standard from kids under 18, due to their brain/mind development.

    Time to stop playing traffic cop over every aspect of a kid's life - you cannot genuinely expect boys especially to flourish under a vast regime of restrictions - a good horse runs best on a loose rein - and why would you want to hold a good horse back in a lifetime race?

    Source(s): Some people suffer the delusion (and fairly delusion it is) that you can demand every aspect of every person's life be controlled - and that will solve all the world's problems - those people are called psychotics.
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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Suspended for lifting a dress; expelled for making a gun shape with his thumb and index finger...

    If it has become so bad in the US, well I don't know what to say.

    Will it hurt the kids, most definitely, no doubt about it. For example, when it comes to being PC Scandinavian countries have even worse policies - does it then surprise you that for example every other young girl from there complains: that men don't approach women any more ; that women are the ones who have to make the first step or nothing will happen,because men certainly never will. How about that for a complete emasculation. Many similar examples.

    What do those morons who run the education system think, that kids are their guinea pigs on whom they will conduct their social engineering. Disgusting.

    Here in Germany, it's not that bad; I just hope that we never take that model of education you describe.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Its crazy. Where I'm from (the UK) kids have been banned from playing 'conkers' ('nut' type things fall from a tree and kids put them on a string and try to smash their opponents conker with their conker, by hitting it once with their conker), because it is against 'health and safety' regulations!

    Also, a 6 year old girl had a friend who always brought chocolate to school for playtime. The girl referred to her friend in front of the teacher as 'the chocolate girl'. Unfortunately, the girl who brought in the chocolate was black. The 6 year old was suspended!

    I think its the school system has become so ridiculously terrified of parental disapproval that they have gone to extremes to try to avoid it.

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    10 years ago

    I personally think as a whole it will affect it in a small degree, but kids will still do this at a regular playground that is not associated with school if they are allowed to go. I don't think it's appropriate for boys to lift girls' skirts up however. If I caught my son doing that at any age, he would get grounded for it.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    The problem is that feminists and other mentally unstable groups view school as some sort of behavioral center where children must be molded. It's no longer appropriate for children to just naturally play and interact with one another. Now they must be taught the "right" way to play and the right way to interact. Schools have become these socialization facilities where its more important to teach kids how to "cooperate" and how to think and how they should view one another... It's very disturbing when my grandfather who grew up in Stalinist Russia says that schools in America try too hard to brainwash their students.

    Also, the behavior of a little kid (boys in particular) is now viewed as threatening. Of course those boys who pulled up your dress weren't trying to molest you but that's how the wingnut school system would take it. Behavior by students is scrutinized way too intensely, I just read an article about an 8 year old getting expelled for making a gun shape with his thumb and index finger.. I mean ******* seriously, who runs this educational system?

    @Dark Eyes, who do you think pushes this "politically correct issue"? The problem is that people who run the eduction system are ideologues who want to mold society by focusing on undeveloped young minds. Why do you think all of a sudden second graders have to read books about a turtle with two daddies? Kids are politicized now and its kind of pathetic..

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  • 10 years ago

    Yep and the absence of Saturday morning cartoons as well. Of course its affected the new young people. They didn't get to be kids as long as we did. i don't know if thats bad or good, but the way that kids have been going it doesn't seem too promising. I suppose my dad said that about my generation too.

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  • That and modern technology.

    Kids will actually text each other when sitting on the same couch and don't get me started on Facebook and Twitter.

    Many people don't want or need real social interaction.

    But I agree with you, sometimes you just have to let boys be boys and girls be girls. People ar eto quick to point fingers and assign labels to kids.

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  • Raven
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    10 years ago

    My best mate when I was in first school was a boy :) Ah the times when men and women got along.....

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