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gmirp asked in Entertainment & MusicCelebrities · 10 years ago

I love Geoffrey Rush. Have any of you ever become infatuated with a celebrity? Is it normal?

I have always loved Colin Firth for years and he is just a beautiful man and an amazing actor. I got to see him and Geoffrey Rush in person at the local film festival where Geoffrey was being honored. After an evening of listening to GR speak about his movies and life and watching clips of his amazing performances. I have become completely infatuated. I don't care about his age. Or even that he has a shaved head. I love everything about him. He makes me happy. I watch his movies and am amazed at what a phenomenal actor he is. In one evening he dethroned Colin as the king of my heart!Don't get me wrong , I still love Colin but by far, II am recently WAY more attracted to GR. Has anyone had a similar experience?OR Have I completely gone over the deep end?


Ok. good I thought it was just me.. exhale :)---Back to google! ;) j/k

Update 2:

But seriously....check out this picture of both Geoffrey and Colin in TIMES magazine!


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    Ive never liked Geoffrey Rush or Colin Firth..... But I have been infatuated with another celebrity...

    It haunts everyone that their celebrity crush will never be yours, but you can still drool over them knowing that who you like is who you like. Nobody can STOP you from who you like, (even kids) so while your into them is your time. Even your children can't stop you from liking them. :*( So live your life and good things will happen to you.

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    I fell in love with JTT after dwelling house progression Zac Efron after intense college Musical and fabulous now, i'm in love with Jesse McCartney. he's in order that warm, distinctly interior the music video Leavin' . yet i dont in basic terms love him using fact i think of he's warm, i like him reason he's an excellent guy, and he knows a thank you to sing!

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    Of course. I used to love Cristiano Ronaldo. HAHA. Totally normal. If I'm not mistaken, this is what we called celebrity crush. Da...

  • 10 years ago

    yah I used to be obsessed with aaron carter when he was cute.

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