Boot Manger Missing Windows 7 OS?

So I got this really nasty virus called System Tools or whatever. I was trying to download the stuff to remove it, but my internet wouldn't work, nor would any of my applications open. I tried to set it at an earlier time, but the application wouldn't open. So I tried putting the computer back in it's out-of-box condition. But while it was preparing the parition, it said that there was an error. I tried to go back and try again, but now its saying that Boot Manger is missing. I don't have an installation disk. No disk of any kind came with the laptop when I bought. Is my hard drive dead? Should i get another laptop, or can this one be saved?


my laptop was working perfectly fine this morning. I didn't download anything. I was looking up a bio on Adrien Brody when I got this pop up about System Tool. I was trying to download Malawarebytes but the internet kept freezing. My Macafee was completely disabled. It wouldn't open.

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    Always backup essential boot files of Windows to avoid problems. I always backup & upload into a account of mine to SkyDrive - An online storage solution from Microsoft. If you want, you can either download the boot manager from my backup or you can get it from your friends. No matter what the computer is, or which Windows 7 or Vista version you are using, the boot manager is always the same & so NTLDR & other booting files for XP. So you can use it from my backup or use your friends. Here's the link:

    This folder contains boot manager & XP booting files & is compressed with WinRar. (So you should get WinRar or other compression utilities to Decompress it. You can get WinRar from: I assure you there's no Virus inside my backup. If you don't believe me, you can scan it with an antivirus. Well, after downloading you have to copy boot manager to the system partition that is C. In-order to copy, boot up your computer with a Linux Live CD (I prefer Ubuntu for that or you can use any Linux Distros such as Slackware, Mandriva etc) & copy that to your system partition (C:) from where you downloaded. After copying, reboot your PC & you can see your Windows boots without a "boot manager missing" error (Remove the Linux CD from your drive after reboot or your PC will again load from Linux instead of Windows).

    Source(s): Download my backup of boot manager:
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  • Anonymous
    9 years ago

    When do you get the "Boot Manager is missing" error? Do you get this when you tap on the F8 key to boot into your "recovery partition"? Or when when you try and boot into your Local Disk? What was the initial error that you got?

    If your recovery partition is damaged, then there is nothing you can do. If this is a new computer and you still have the warranty, I would send it in to get it fixed.

    For future reference, download "Microsoft Security Essentials", which is a really good, free anti-virus software. And, do not install anything from the internet that you don't know about. Be sure to research into it before installing.

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    Have you made any progress?

    "System Tools" is another rogue anti-virus program. I get those pop-ups sometimes. I simply close my web browswer, and it goes away.

    Here are a few things you can try:

    (1) Borrow someone's Windows Instillation Disk, and run a "Startup Repair". Here are the instructions: This will allow you to boot into your computer, so that you can get rid of your virus (most likely) if it's there.

    (2) I think the best option of fixing this it to reinstall Windows using your "recovery partition". This will definately fix the BOOTMGR problem. Are you able to boot into to the recovery partition at all?

    (3) As for virus scan, download MBAM on another computer and transfer it over via USB. Here are some other free programs that you can run a scan with: "Hitman Pro" and "Dr.Web CureIt!". I think you can acutally make a bootable anti-virus disk with Dr. Web CureIt.

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  • hoyer
    Lv 4
    4 years ago

    xp continually should be the alternative, that is merely the great abode windows o/s in laptop heritage and opposite to what many unwell-recommended noobs imagine, has prolonged help plus the possibility of a sparkling service p.c.. until eventually april 2014!!! become an finished turkey and is keen to acquire the sluggish and painful lack of existence it rightly advantages!!! for abode windows 7, I have abode windows 7RC on a twin boot gadget with xp, that's ok, already far advanced of ''noobies fave'' vista, yet continues to be in that's Early degrees, keep in mind that those those who've 7RC are truly sorting out on behalf of microsoft, that's no longer waiting, and with slightly of luck by making use of the time it hits the cabinets the insects we are sorting out for would were eliminated. as someone who has used all microsoft operating structures, i can say with self assurance, xp continues to be the only to bypass for, vista become garbage, 7 will be more suitable, yet no longer yet. on my twin boot i nonetheless use xp 95% of the time, i in uncomplicated words use 7 at the same time as i'm sorting out. wish this helped. solid success.

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