The tv in my room gets different channels than other tvs in the house from same cable line, why?

I got a 4 way splitter so i could get cable in my room, but the channels are different than in the other two tvs but all three tvs are getting the cable signal from the same source, why is this im sooo confused. For example, on the other two tvs, channel 25 is nickelodean but on my tv its WE.

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  • kg7or
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    10 years ago
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    Two possible causes:

    First, the most likely: one or more of your TVs are optioned to the wrong tuner. Each set has separate tuners for use with an antenna or with basic cable (no box). You need to go into the setup menu and ensure you've selected the CABLE or CATV tuner, not the AIR or ANTENNA tuner. Then do a channel scan if the TV has that feature.

    Another possibility: modern TVs can have an optional tuner (QAM tuner) for receiving unencrypted digital channels on basic cable. A TV with a QAM tuner could be receiving more channels than another one in the same home that doesn't have the QAM tuner. However, such channels are easy to identify, as they'll each have a suffix number, like 7.1, 13.3, 58.5, and so on.

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  • ?
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    10 years ago

    if they are analogue tvs then any channel can be on any number depending on the make of tv and which channel is found first when doing a tuning scan,

    I would recomend that you rescan the tuning of each tv and then go into the menu to reassign the channel numbers where you want them.

    digital tvs can read the channel number so this should not be a problem.

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