Creationists - Do You Believe That We Humans Came From Monkeys?

Well we didnt we STILL ARE monkeys... or to be more precise apes/primates

do you think im an a**hole now?


@Edward the Less - A) hahahahahaha your not a very good listener are you

B) I never claimed maturity and, if im lucky, never will

@luchadora - aww your sweet

@Edgar - We share common ancestors with modern primates sir, like chimps, But this does not mean that we are suddenly not primates/apes we are just different in some ways ;-)

Update 2:

SeaTurtle - I know, but thats what makes them so adorable

Dancefly - and i think your not a very good listener... what we have here is a misunderstanding on your part

think4myself - Nope but i do think your entertaining... Keep doin what your doin and just dont take your hatred of society to a violent level :-)... by the way to think that peple are less moral now than ever simply shows an ignorance of history. violence and immorality is just more publicized :-)

Update 3:

Edgar - LOL sorry but i dont think you know what the hell your talking about

Update 4:

Fuzzy - lol... well thats one way of looking at it, and few would disagree... evolution simply states that we have mutated/evolved ever so slighlty over time and therefore are quite different than what we bagan as... while creationists believe we havent really changed are the first "mother" came from a mans rib that was created by an eternal being and in that beings "image"

Update 5:

then i guess it comes down to "which came first the chicken or the egg" but creationists basically say neither, first there was the farmer (god) but the rooster came first

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    10 years ago
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    If you came from a monkey, then you should be able to marry one and produce offspring. Let us know how it works out for you.

  • 10 years ago

    I work at a jr high school, and sometimes I do wonder.

    No, I don't believe that we ever came from monkeys, we were created in his image, though, it is sad that the more people embrace evolution, the more they seem to act like animals, sex outside of marriage, do whatever you please, led by what seems a primordial instinct rather than constitution of character. I think I believe in reverse evolution, I think we went from a state of order and are moving to disorder, especially in the social and moral venues. ....why does that sound familiar? Order to disorder.....I know I've heard that before!

    Do you think i'm an a**hole now?

  • 4 years ago

    Why do you rant approximately this and attempt to deny the medical information?!! Primates are mammals that incorporate lemurs, monkeys, apes and human beings. The Strepsirrhini, or “moist-nosed” primates, which incorporate lemurs and lorises, branched off around sixty 3 million years in the past. previous international monkeys and apes divided from New international monkeys approximately 40 million years in the past. Aegyptopithecus zeuxis, which possibly resembles the common ancestor of recent international monkeys and apes, lived approximately 29 million years in the past. The apes chop up from previous international monkeys approximately 25 million years in the past. human beings and chimpanzees diverged 5-7 million years in the past. So specific on each chop up the unique have been given left at the back of to stay because it substitute into! yet why do you think of they have been unlucky? i'm specific that lots of the "left at the back of" species are completely satisfied as they're and that there are a stable many human beings that doesn't suggestions buying and promoting places with them!!! Of the macaque's almost 3 billion DNA base pairs, ninety 3.5 according to cent are same to those interior the human genome. it somewhat is not unpredicted for a species whose lineage diverged from our very own approximately 25 million years in the past. The human and chimp genomes, which diverged merely 6 million years in the past, are approximately ninety 8 according to cent same. One perplexing discovery is that various mutations that reason genetic illnesses in human beings - alongside with phenylketonuria and Sanfilippo syndrome, which bring about psychological retardation - are the traditional variety in macaques and, possibly, our very own ancestors. The Pope, Catholic Church, Church of britain and mainstream church homes all settle for evolution and the enormous bang!! Lord Carey the former Archbishop of Canterbury placed it o.k. – “Creationism is the fruit of a fundamentalist suggestions-set to scripture, ignoring scholarship and serious discovering, and sophisticated distinctive understandings of actuality”!! helpful that christians and atheists can agree and chortle together even no rely if it is at your rate!!

  • Fuzzy
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    10 years ago

    I have the strange and unusual idea that a woman I know as 'mother' gave birth to me, and that this is how all others came to be also.

    How about you?

    It seems then that this is how it has been since the first mother came to be, or do you have any other way of coming to be? !

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I think you're muddying the waters. Creationists don't believe that we came from monkeys; they believe that scientists claim that we came from monkeys. And please don't reinforce that false belief by claiming that we "STILL ARE monkeys." In trying to be more precise you have contradicted yourself. We are apes descended from a long line of apes. Apes are not a kind of monkey.

  • 10 years ago

    We don't come from monkeys, we share common ancestors. How hard is that to understand.

    Yes we are apes, but not identical to monkeys. We differ, meaning we had to have been closer in History.

  • 10 years ago

    Creationists get offended if you try to tell them they are primates, related to (but not descended from) monkeys. They'd rather believe we were made out of dirt.

  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    That's pretty inaccurate. Humans and monkeys evolved from common ancestors that were neither human nor monkeys.

  • 10 years ago

    I can tell you right now, that im no monkey.

  • 10 years ago

    We may be came from Monkeys, but at least we evolved.

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