Can finger prints be retreaved from packed items more than a week later?

From pre packed boxes movers opened & repacked after removing items? Other boxes are still packed. These will the location where I'm hoping a skillful person can retrieve the information. At the moment the police are unwilling to investigate, I'm guessing it is due to the cost in time & money to them.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago
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    Yes, you probably could.

    However, police will not pursue it because it's largely a civil matter between you and the company. You would need to file an insurance claim and reference the police call you made then have your insurance (or the company's) compensate you.

    If the movers stole illicit or questionable materials, please do not pursue this. You will look ridiculous and could possibly get arrested yourself.

  • Bob
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    10 years ago


  • art v
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    10 years ago

    Is it possible? Yeah it's possible but it depends on many factors. In your case it doesn't sound promising. They aren't going to investigate anything unless a crime is involved.

  • Mary
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    6 years ago


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