Band and singer help. Two songs, pretty good info.?

I had the information before for the songs, and now I can't remember who sang it.

The first one is a woman. I remember she was white and had short black hair, almost shaved. (not Shane O'Connor. I may have spelled her name wrong.) what I can remember is "I want you like a souvenir. I'm heading anywhere but here." Or something similar too that. I want to say she is foreign. I live in USA.

The second one had the name "Monkey" in the band name. It was a weird name, but I remember most of the lyrics. They may be wrong, but I know it's pretty darn close. "It's spinning like a spiders web, not quite sure. It's sleeping like a sleeping bag with bed bugs at your toes. If everybody knows me what am I lonely lonely lonley lonely?"

Google hasn't been my friend recently, and I heard these songs at work about 4 years ago.

1 Answer

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