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Did you think Bruce Lee was a great martial artist?

I thought he was. Althoguh he's never competed in sport fighting, he's been in real life and death no rules street fights in Hong Kong and the US. He developed Jeet Kune Do which means the way of intercepting fist. It's too bad many people don't respect him at all citing that's it's all nothing but fantasy for a small but physically and mentally fit person be a great martial artist and that only the largest men with the bulkiest muscles should be able to do well in the martial arts for self defense. This will sound very silly, but if Lee were still alive and in his prime and fought someone the size and power of Brock Lesnar (note that I'm not talking about Lesnar himself) combined with wrestling background in a self defense no holds barred life and death street fight, Lee would be able to beat him, but it won't be easy for obvious reasons. He'd have to use his incredible speed, skills, use his dirty fighting techniques and tactics to hit his vital spots, and gouge out his eyes in order to skewer the beast. Lee would have to use his counter attacking and his agility as he cannot afford to get hit, or taken down to the ground where the wrestling assailant is in his element, because if he got caught, he can just ground and pound, and it's pretty much over. Bruce's speed and counterattacking ability would be his best takedwon defense in the streets. If he fought someone like that in the UFC octagon ring, he'd be virtually chanceless since he'd use the cage and lack of big space to shoot for the takedown and he'd be pretty much dead, and Lee's best techniques would be disallowed if something like that happened. I know this sounds real crazy and silly, but in a real fight with no rules depending on the situation, and where the battle is taking place highly talented and fit martial artists could very beat opponents who have the advantage in brute strength and size.

That being said, there could be object available to use as weapons to improve chances of viroty and survival. It's only natural to end a fight as quick as possible, but in certain cases it doesn't always work out that way. But it's definitely easier said than done; it's not like the movies you know. An enemy like Brock would be very tough to defend against and beat since he;s naturally huge and powerful, and he may be fast for someone his size. Once again, I'm not speaking of Lesnar himself, I mean someone like him or similar to him.

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    bruce lee is a martial arts legend for a reason. he had unbelievable power not to mention his speed.

    i think he is one of the greatest strikers ever. world class MAists said he was incredible in any aspect. he was highly intelligent and surely very tough although he never proved his toughness in any combat sport. nobody knows ho good his opponents on the street really were. its only speculation. but when you look at his movements in his films and you have an eye to recognize true skills there is nobody who can say he wasnt great as a full contact fighter. ell youre right he would be chanceless in the mma octagon, especially fighting a big heavyweight like lesnar. but if he fought a guy like lesnar on the street, whos tough and skilled also i would put all my money on that lee would beat him with ease and kill him if necessary. he was just too fast and if he hits you once it should be over because of his precision and power. the main thing was that he always fought as easy, direct and efficient as possible, he wouldnt try to kick someones head on the street, he definitely would kick his nuts, grap his eyes, and dont use "good looking" moves. he was great and there was no fighter at his time being able to beat him in a fight with no rules i believe.

    excuse my english, im german

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    I usually keep quiet about Bruce. If someone asks me about the arts, I say "I do tae kwon do" which is true. If someone asks me about Lee, I say "Lee did wing chung gung fu which is short range punching and nothing like the movies" and that is also true.

    I have been reading Black Belt since 1978

    and there are always "Bruce Lee skeptics" who say he was not very good. Then one of Bruce's students

    would write back and say "I held the pad for Bruce's sidekick, and it felt like getting hit by a bus. I was there, were you?" And on it goes, but now the internet makes it worse.

    I choose not to care one way or another. Bruce had some good ideas and that is all I need to know.

    I will let others waste their time arguing about questions that can never be answered.

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    I like to think Bruce Lee was doing MMA before everyone else was. Jeet Kune Do was based on adapting various forms of martial arts and combing all the positives into one masterful martial art. Considering he did this all by himself with no gyms, training camps, high level fighting partners and no real scientific nutritional system, I'd say he will always be the most accomplished fighter ever. And if he were alive, he would probably have learned BJJ and thought up some clever **** to help the sport grow.

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    I'm very well known for being an absolute Bruce Lee fanatic and practically obsessed with him lol but I agree that he wasn't the greatest martial artist ever. He was the greatest martial artist of the 20th century. The thing with Bruce is that he set standards for all martial artists after him, that's why his legacy is so enduring. To be greater than someone like Bruce, someone would have to achieve even greater physical feats and levels of physicality even if it's only one part of it. Some martial artists have since his time. I would vote Musashi Miyamoto the greatest martial artist who ever lived. As said earlier, Bruce never fought for survival so he never tested the true extent of what he did and Musashi, who was the greatest Samurai who ever lived, actually did. I will correct one thing though, Bruce did compete in a full contact match before. In fact there's actual footage of it you can find on YouTube.

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    Bruce Lee was a good martial artist. He had very impressive speed. I wouldnt go as far as to say he was a great martial artist. Id say he was a Famous martial artist. He got people interested in MAs in a time where it was practically unheard of in movies and tv in the western world.

    When the Communists took over China, they outlawed the teaching of MAs. Bruce Lees fame helped bring a new sense of national pride in Chinese MAs with his fame. Because of him MAs in China could be legally taught to the public.

    He had a huge ego because of his fame that made him many enemies.

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    Lee got martial arts to the world, others didn't. Lee made every martial arts school money with his films.Lee was years ahead of his time with training methods.

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    Kokoro is right on this one. Bruce lee is not the greatest martial artist ever. Hes good but theres more deserving martial artist out there!

    LIKE ME!!!! hahaha!

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    i wouldnt even put him in my top 100,

    he was very good but he was not even the best in his class, let alone in that decade.

    his fights were not life and death, there are 1000's of martial artist who fought real fights to the death several of them against multiple opponents.

    jkd is not a style its a philosophy, there are 1000's of style of martial arts developed by martial arts that were much better, the only reason you heard of bruce was because of his acting career, just like all the 10's of thousands you never heard of that were far better then him.

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    I actually dont think many people disrespect Bruce Lee because hes a BEAST... im Hong Kongnese so we are like related... jk

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    He fails compared to chinese in imperial periods.

    Bruce lee can hold 75kg in one hand this guy can do 90 and he's not that big.

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