Has anybody had problems or solutions for Adobe Photoshop elements 8 on Win XP?

While I can install and load the programme, as soon as I actually try to do anything useful it freezes and I have to close the programme which is flagged as not responding


Yes it was a retail purchase from PC World and it is the windows version. My PC exceeds the stated system requirements. I am looking to find the receipt to return to dealer. For the moment I have upgraded to Paintshop Pro 7, which works just fine.

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  • 1 decade ago
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    If you didn't purchase Elements 8 from Adobe or from an Adobe licensed reseller, then there could be any number of things wrong with it including missing files.

    In any case, the first thing to do is be sure you have the Windows versions of the software and not the Mac version. Also, be sure your computer meets the system requirements listed for the program. It's important to have at least 2 Gbs of RAM (1Gb might work on an XP machine as long as there are not a lot of processes loaded and running in the background that are already using a lot of your RAM) and a Hard Disk that's not cluttered up and/or almost full. Elements, like Photoshop and all other photo editors, uses the HD as a scratch disk (temporary storage) that keeps track of all the things being done in the program's workspace and allows users to Undo multiple times.

    If you haven't already, uninstall and reinstall the software. Disable your anti-virus, spyware detectors, etc. while installing.

    If the software still won't work for you and you bought it from Adobe or from one of their licensed resellers, contact them about replacing the disk. Every great once and a while a bad disk is produced.

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