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i need help with the stock system. what would be the chemical formula for vanadium(V) oxide?

would it be VO5?


i was close! thanks for your help (:

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    vanadium is a metal with a 5+ charge (V stands for 5)


    oxide is a nonmetal anino with a 2- charge (oxide is almost always a 2- when it becomes an anion)


    always put the cation first and the anion second : V^5+ O^2-

    the 5 becomes the subscript in front of the O and the 2 becomes the subscript in front of the V:

    (do not write the - and + only the number of the charge):


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    That is type of a trick query. Iron has two ionized states: it may well type Fe(2+) or Fe(3+). Due to the fact that of this, iron can kind a couple of exceptional oxides. Fe2O3 is one of the oxides and is right. However, the question is incorrect if it did not give the cost of iron, as Iron(II) oxide (ferrous oxide) or Iron(III) oxide (ferric oxide). As long as it failed to specify, you're correct.

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