Can my poem become a song? How do I find a melody?

Hey, How'ed You Kidnap My Heart?

I had a world of my own.

I had nurtured the way my spirit had grown.

I had carefully written down the words of my song.

I worked out and studied how to make myself strong.

Then you came along with a smile that haunted me.

And eyes that actually see what I see.

Hey, how'd you kidnap my heart?

I never saw it coming or how you appeared before my

tunnel eyes.

It seemed like you dropped down from the skies.

Like a dashing fantasy, prince with a gleaming sorwd

to battle the bad guys so I wouldn't get bored.

And this is how our romance will start.

Hey, how'd you kidnap my heart?

What book did you jump out of to be how you are?

I pictured you on a fine steed instead of a car.

A Knight of King Arthur, gracious noble and jester

all in one.

I am so in love and in wonder, I'm truly having fun.

And as the damsel in distress, I'll play the part to

the handsome rogue warrior who kidnapped my heart.

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  • 10 years ago
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    Any poem (be it free verse, rhyming, whatever) can work perfectly as a song. Find someone musical and see if you can get it into a song. Good luck!

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  • 4 years ago

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