Percent error question?

I really need help with this 2 problems can you work it out and explain to me how to get the answers? Thanks

1. A student determines the density of an unknown metal to be 5.2g/ml. The actual value of the density of the metal is 4.8 g/ml. State the formula for percent error. Calculate the percent error.

The second question is not a percent error question

2. How would you prepare 500 ml of 3 M HCl?

for this one the only thing I know is that 3 M HCl = 3 mol/L HCl

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    9 years ago
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    1. 5.2-4.8=0.4 0.4/4.8= 8.0% Error

    2. 3 mol/L HCL x 0.500L=1.5 mol HCl

    To prepare add 500mL (or .5000L) to 1.5 mol of HCl

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  • 9 years ago

    accepted = 5.2g/ml

    measured = 4.8g/ml

    %error = measured - accepted / accepted x 100%

    plug in the formula and GO

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