how do you handle relationship problems?

all my previous r/ships have fallen apart due to communication. am not really good at talking out my feelings to someone,not even my mom. when something is not fine with me, i just move on to find peace somewhere else. But, i recently started dating this guy i want 4 keeps. my problem is that he is not willing to settle now, he says it and also he's elder brothers have never married. i hate being a stalker, so as time went on, it fell apart. i had a problem, he never remembers my, sometimes when i ask something, he never replies to my texts. all these things built in me and i just gave him space. he now tells his close friend that he fears me.

what can i do? is there another way of handling such issues in a relationship?

thanks :)


he tells his friends he misses me, though not ready to comitt.

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  • 10 years ago
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    While I was reading your question at first I thought that all you had to do was improve your communication skills cause like it or not that's important to provide a sustainable relationship. But as I continued reading I realized that your problem right now doesn't directly relate to you communication problem. Stop chasing him, if you don't have the same priorities chances are it won't work. Issues like this will always come in a relationship and you will have to talk about it (that's the only solution I'm afraid) but I think with your problem right now it has more to do with your bf being in a different place than with your personal issues.

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    10 years ago

    well if your not good at communicating verbally, you could write him a letter explaining all your feelings and give it to him and watch him open it (just to make sure he does) then he gets to know what you feel and can't interrupt you.

    good luck. But he doesn't seem like a keeper if he never 'remembers' your birthday.

    ALSO, make sure you find out if he is willing to settle down in the future, because if you definitely want to settle down even have children, you need to know if he wants that too, because if he doesn't its time to cut your losses.

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    10 years ago

    I am happy single, so if I was to be in a relationship which had problems I'd probably just not bother.

    I like an easy life without all the drama and issues. One life, be happy.

  • 10 years ago

    Issues in a relationship is not what you need to know how to handle, its rejection what you avoid and only after you have made a total fool of yourself is when you move on to find "peace". Learn to know the signs of rejection, accept them, and immediately move on.

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    10 years ago

    You seem to know what the cause of it so why not work on those issues you have before starting a new one like talk to your mom more.(start there to communicate/)

  • 10 years ago

    If something is causing you pain, detach yourself from it completely.

    Be brave. Find something to meditate on daily. Memorize scriptures, do anything, but validate his comments.

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