Old youth, will you C/C please?

Requested and inspired, and I hope it's OK?

He sat alone in a battered wheel chair

in a dimly lit corner of the room.

It was painted all a light Green

but couldn't dispell the depth of gloom.

The staff put on the brakes on his chair

or childlike he'd take off, racing without a care

singing some long ago melodious tunes

he'd stop by all the ladies, hold a hand and croon.

I approached him slowly so as not to scare

"Hey darlin" he smiled, "Where'd ya get that hair?"

I laughed outloud, then so did he,

"Ya remind me of Christmas, a mint candy."

I told him my name and asked him his

"I likes to call my self the Wheelin Wizz"

He smiled, I smiled and then he winked.

"So sweet child, what'cha think?"

Then he seemed to drift away,

"Sorry kid, but what is today?"

It hardly mattered I guess, he just wanted to know

"If it's Tuesday I'm ready and raring to go"

"Names AlsHiney" least that's what I heard,

but shhh round here , don't believe a word.

His chart showed severe Alzheimers

"Hey does it say I'm a mountain climber?"

Then he got a look on his face

"I feel unfamiliar, I feel outta place.

Hey do ya like Jigsaw puzzles, I do,

Let's set a spell, just me and you."

I let off the brakes, rolled to a table set,

"I'm the champeen, here, don't ever forget"

The puzzles were a mix of pieces, old,

but this sweet man, was funny and bold.

"If a piece and them tab things, don't wanna fit

I chew the tabs off till they do, then spit.

They don't know my minds a mess,

they give me meds and a whole bunch of tests,

But I got em fooled, don't ya just know,

It's yer turn kid, hurry up let's go."

Then he pulled my hair, "Sorry, it is really real,

I knew it when I heard ya squeal."

It was time for me to leave, but also felt bolder

I stood and with my Pen, touched both his shoulders.

I Knight you now, Hence forth you're "Sir Zoom"

He chuckled, "Yep now I gotta go to my room.

Are ya really a Queen or a Princess, child?"

I hugged him, he whispered, "Ya know I'm wild."

I left, but went back, as was my job duty,

"Hey maid Marian, how's my candy cutie?"

I brought him a book, simple, of Knights,

Pictures he could dream in his delights.

"I got me a castle, way over yonder,

if they let ya out, ya might wanna wander.

It's big but it's cold, and nights I'm alone

but it was way better, than this here home."

Then I had to get to my work day,

"Hey, come back, again, will ya? OK?"


This is a TY to H.D.

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  • 9 years ago
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    If someone had told me I would read a pretty dang long poem about a nursing home this morning and I'd be glad I did, I would not had believed them. I guess that makes this an unbelievably good poem! Thanks, Dallas, that's one sweet story.

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  • 9 years ago

    Hi Dear little one. What can i say?You are bless with words, thanks for the inspirational thoughts in this amazing poem . I feel this poem deep in my heart and soul , i take it as we all will grow gracefully when we hit that age , but mean while most of the people at that age, are like still little children starting all over again. The story telling and the description makes your poem flow vividly. Thanks again. Keep it up.

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  • 9 years ago

    Well done. You can play with the words really well. my language is not english but even in my own language I can't write a long poem like you playing with the words after 4 years. excellent.

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  • YOU did good.

    I worked the Alzheimer ward and you have to be calm to stay down there with those folks as they feed off our emotions...

    when Twila went down there they begged me to stay

    and they sent her away..

    go figure!

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  • 9 years ago

    Yah, love...what OW said,



    that's 'cause

    this one really sweet kid!

    That's why we all

    love 'er s'much,

    she tickles our hearts

    with such




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  • Luiza
    Lv 7
    9 years ago

    Nice poem! Thanks for sharing!

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