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MrJ asked in Games & RecreationCard Games · 10 years ago

Changes I think should happen on the Yugioh banlist for next format, anyone agree?

Heavy Storm - limited (get rid of all that: set 4 backrow, go ahead, plus it lets Starlight Road be more playable, and on top of that I really want to see a format with Dark Hole and Heavy back so people can't ever overextent)

Cold Wave - banned (I hate this card, it causes huge unfair advantages)

Last Will - limited (am I missing anything, this doesn't seem like an abusable enough card to be banned)

Royal Oppression - semi (slow down the format)

Pot of Duality - limited (too good)

Black Whirlwind - semi (with Duality to 1 Blackwings need a little help, this card would be nice back at 2 and help BWs stay in the meta)

Mezuki - semi (give Zombies a chance)

Necro Gardna - semi (not that great of a card)



Faultroll - limited

Update 2:


Is Darksoul worth limiting with Cat still gone and with Faultroll at 1?

Also, I like Reborn limited, I think they should bring back Premature Burial too, it'd be fun to see a format with Reborn, Call, and Premature Burial all at 1.

Maybe ban Brionac, it's not good enough to be banned IMO though, lots of stuff can stop it, plus people are maining 2 Warnings now.

Update 3:

@Izen: I don't think Black Whirlwind SHOULD go to 2, I just want it to lol. Read the title man "Changes I THINK...". I do play BWs but I play Quickdraw, Machina Gadgets, and Final Countdown too. Oppression should come back to 2 not just for BWs but for Anti-Meta too.

And yeah, Last Will shouldn't come back, it's a little too broken to be limited.

Update 4:

Also, I don't think BWs need the help, I'm not making them any better. I just want Oppression to 2 and Duality to 1, which most people would say makes the deck worse.

Update 5:

@Black Chrono: I want a format with Dark Hole and Heavy, that'll make Starlight Road finally somewhat playable in most of the meta.

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  • Izen
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    10 years ago
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    This list is so obviously made by a Blackwing player Cold Wave banned, with Whirlwind and Oppression at 2. That'll be the day.

    What is it with people? They want the format to get slowed down, but then they turn around and say "unban Heavy Storm". Heavy Storm is by far one of the most broken cards I've ever seen played (I wasn't playing in the days of Harpie's Feather Duster). It destroys all Spells and Traps. It doesn't return them to give your opponent a chance later. It doesn't destroy 1 or 2 to at least give people a chance. It simply destroys all of them, and then the game is over.

    Cold Wave banned yes. More broken than Heavy Storm, especially with cards like Hyunlei, Black Rose Dragon, and Scrap Dragon out and about. Also, Cold Wave has a tendency to stop Gorz, which is painful.

    Actually, no. Last Will is much more broken. Destroy by battle. Send. Tribute. Synchro.It doesn't really matter how you do it, but once you do it, free monster Special Summoned FROM THE DECK. Any monster you want FROM THE DECK. Sure, it has to have 1500 or less ATK but what is that? Emergency Teleport helped design an entire format, and it can only get 3 decent monsters.

    Sangan. Dandylion. Lonefire Blossom. Destiny Hero - Malicious. Dimensional Alchemist. Card Trooper. Spirit Reaper. Plaguespreader Zombie. Darksoul. Fulhelmknight. Emmersblade. Pashuul. Infernity Necromancer. Infernity Mirage. Lumina. Gale the Whirlwind. Yubel. Any Gadget.

    I don't even want to count all those.

    Now to Oppression and Whirlwind... What makes you think Blackwings need the help? Have you seen the top tables at the YCSs? Blackwings are all over them. And what help do Blackwings need without Dualities? Only one build ran 3. Another build didn't run any. Oppression is also one of the most broken cards I've ever seen, since it shuts down every Deck (except Blackwings), and it's Continuous. And it only has a Life Point cost so you don't lose any card advantage at all. Not to mention the new support Blackwings are going to get in the form of Zephyros the Elite, who can return Oppression to the player's hand as a cost to Special Summon himself from the Graveyard. Yeah, Blackwings don't need more help.

    I have no opinion on Duality. Sure it's broken, but it's still just a deck thinner.

    Mezuki at 2 is fine, I guess.

    Necro Gardna was limited because it gave Lightsworn decks too much control over duels. They could stop any attack, or simply remove it for Chaos Sorcerer. It's too good in Lightsworn, and that's why it's at 1, and it can stay at 1, since Lightsworn is meta again.

    Darksoul, in my opinion, is much more broken than Faulltroll. Darksoul let's you search any X-Saber from the deck and add it to your hand. Even worse, it's at the End Phase, so you can react to whatever your opponent plays and change what you want to search. And Faulltroll at 1 would only change the deck up a bit to a build with more focus on Ragigura to recycle Faulltroll. We saw what happened when Blackwing started rethinking its strategies. Regardless, X-Sabers do need to get hit somehow.

    Premature Burial is meh. It's too easily searched and too easily abused to not be banned. There are so many cards that can return cards to the hand, and that's exactly what Premature Burial wants. I think it should stay banned.

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  • Ed
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    10 years ago

    Heavy Storm: I agree here, although Dark Hole and Heavy Storm in the same Metagame is a little too much.

    Cold Wave: Meh, I say it should stay at Limited.

    Last Will: * Cough * Synchro Summon plus free 1500 atk- Monster?

    Royal Oppression: I agree. Even though I hate the card, it isn't worth being Limited imho.

    Pot of Duality: I say Semi at best. Special Summoning is pretty much a requirement for decks now, so Duality would kinda slow down some decks.

    Black Whirlwind: It should stay Limited. Black Whirlwind at 2 would once again centralize the Metagame. Besides, my Blackwing deck plays just fine with 1.

    Mezuki: I agree here. Zombies need a little love.

    Necro Gardna: I say it should stay Limited. Blocking a attack might not seem like much, but it could actually save your neck for a turn, which can be the difference between life and death.

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  • 10 years ago

    Heavy - Agree

    Cold Wave - Agree

    Last Will - Leave it, don't know why it got banned but there is most likely a reason :)

    Oppression - Toughy, I like it where it is but at the same time 2 really isn't that banned

    Duality - Semi at best, it's a great card no doubt, but not really Limit worthy

    Whirlwind - I thought it was good at 2, and I never ran these things

    Mezuki - Leave limited

    Gardna - Agree

    Faultroll - Agree

    My own:

    Darksoul - Limit (It's a Sangan for any monster in their deck)

    Monster Reborn - Banned (It's WAAY too good to even be playable)

    Brionac - Banned (Sorry but it's too good

    @Mr.J, Yeah I do think Darksoul should be limited, I've seen people get off 5 searches with it in one turn while annihilating the opponents hand, it's much more broken then Faultroll(which is still hella broken), oh new addition, Infernity Mirage - they don't see much play but the card is SOO broken, especially when combo'd with Styngian Street Sweeper(aka Patrol)

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  • Aero
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    10 years ago

    Cold Wave - Yes

    Last Will - Stay banned. A free 1500 ATK is too dangerous in the current age of Sangans, Darksouls, Synchros and such.

    Royal Oppression - Agreed, 2 is fine. 1 isn't enough and 3 is too much.

    Pot of Duality - Personally, I think this card should be banned. It is WAY to overpowered, because no-one sees the downside on No Special Summoning. 1 at the max.

    Black Whirlwind - With some new Blackwing support coming out later, Whirlwind won't need to be at 2 otherwise Blackwings will be broken. 1 is fine.

    Mezuki - Yes! It needs to come back to 2 because Zombies are just too dead without it.

    Necro Gardna - Nah, 1 is fine. 2 means that Lightsworn engines gain too much benefit, and in these days with attacking OTKs, it's too nasty.

    Faultroll - Yes, way to easy to summon and abuse.


    Darksoul - This card needs to be banned or limited to one only. It is way to abuseable and can retrieve any x-saber you want... I mean, c'mon...

    Solemn Warning - This will go down to 1 for the same reason that Judgment did.

    Monster Reborn - This will be banned again. Never should have come off.

    Dark Hole - This will alternate with Heavy Storm and if it does, MST will go back down to one again.

    Brionac has a chance at getting Banned, and Black Rose Dragon has a high chance of going back down to 1 or 2.

    With the new Six Samurai support coming out later, I wouldn't be surprised if Gateway gets attacked either.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago


    Cold Wave


    Heavy Storm


    Semi- Limited:

    Black whirlwind

    Pot of Duality

    Dark Soul (this card is more broken than whirlwind, wth Konami)

    Black Rose (plants getting a little to good right now)

    Off the List:


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  • 10 years ago

    heavy storm- limited

    cold wave- limited

    last will- limited

    black whirlwind- semi

    pot of duality- semi

    mezuki- limited

    necro gardna- semi

    faultroll- semi

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  • Jd
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    10 years ago

    i agree with everything up till mezuki, hes amazing and if you could have 2 of him then that would just be crazy. my friend has a zombie deck and ive wiped his field (bad idea against zombies) i mirror forced him so during main phase 2 he had 5 monsters again just cause of mezuki, goblin zombie, and zombie master. i think it would be funny if they brought back gale to 2 instead of 1, but hes just like mezuki.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    I like it and agree with all of these. Good suggestions.

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