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Is the new sukhoi 46 ahead of it's time?

The reason why i ask is i aint seen nothin like it,it has 4 polzar cannons,3 Riphet guns and carries 6 HMs that can lock onto any Stealth aircraft Nato/US origin

Checked it on Airphicks

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago
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    By the sounds of it,i cant see anything gettin close to it,i thought HMs were Top SecretThem Yanks are sure gonna be surprised if Pakistan get a requirement of them

  • Hayley
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    1 decade ago

    LOL...whatever this thing is, I highly doubt that it will ever see the light of a full production. It's nothing more than a prototype (if it is real) and is nothing more than a pipe dream.

    Just like the US and the Star Wars program...the capabilities of the thing fall way short of what they wanted it to be able to do. Not to mention the cost was too much.

    The US is working on a bunch of things that seem to be straight out of science fiction, but that doesn't mean 90% of it actually comes to be true.

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