Why do the Eastern European women get..........?

bashed on and accused of being "materialistic", superficial and all the jazz that comes with this when someone hears about one dating a Western man...as if Western women don't have those traits and don't do the same thing? I'm actually not ranting, but I'm trying to understand where the double standard comes from. And another thing: Why do they judge them flat out for dating Western guys and call them materialistic, sluts and all the horrid things, assuming all kinds of superficial things, without even knowing them or what their relationship's like. I'm not even talking about mail order brides and old western men with young eastern women. I'm talking about young or youngish western men having genuine relationships with eastern women of similar age. Every time I hear about such a couple, the American chicks I know and the ones from Western Europe adopt a sarcastic attitude, as if they're ready to start mocking and bashing.


Jessica Rabbit, kudos to you. Ifyou think I'm trying to start bashing on American Women with this question, then you'rewelcome to believe so. I don't care. Believe what you like, my dear. :)

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    I'm willing to say that a few men had some bad experiences with an ex-wife or girlfriend. Plus eastern european women seem to be more vain in appearance because they dress nicer and take care of themselves a lot better than lazier western women, so rumors may have spread because of jealousy. And eastern women aren't so caught up in age either. So when an American woman sees a younger eastern woman with an older man, she must be a gold digger!

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    Actually I've heard good things about Eastern European women...from men at least. For one thing, I hear men say they're very easy to work with in marriage and relationships.

    There's actually a trend of American Men seeking out foreign Women most of which in Eastern European countries.

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    Eastern European Women that I have met have been so kind and generous to me. One of them was experimenting with her bisexuality and even though she is 12 years older than me, she treated me like a princess and her equal. I only wish she could have stayed in new york. She was a tourist here and is from Poland. She was not superficial at all and even though she dress so elegantly and with the finest materials she never criticized me for wearing jeans and keds sneakers. She was so happy to be together with me and just cuddle..

    (i fell in love with her!)

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    I think you're asking for mocking and bashing when you ask questions like this. Why? Because you mock and bash Western women yourself. You can't expect people to not be defensive when you are offensive yourself.

    Source(s): My family has an Eastern European background, I grew up around large communities of Eastern European immigrants. I think you need to see more of the world, because you are narrow-minded and ready to make stereotypes and judgments about people and things you know little about.
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    Eastern European women > American/Western European/Australian women.

    The eastern European women don't come with a massive sense of entitlement.

    They also don't fail a cost-benefit analysis like American women do.

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