Can I use 5w-30 on 97 Infiniti i30?

I just changed my oil and oil filter on my 97 Infiniti i30. I went to Auto Zone where they told me which oil to use. I used Syntheic Oil 5w-30. Now my car isn't starting. Was I suppose to use 10w-30? Its a 6cylinder engine.

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  • 9 years ago
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    5W-30 is simply a different weight of oil it can be used at lower temperatures and such without causing problems.You can put any oil in any engine and it'll run, but a heavy oil with make you lose power and cause more engine wear. Does it turn over at all? is the battery hooked up is the battery dead? did you bump the starter wire and now it's not connecting right? oil wont stop an engine from running so there is another problem.

  • siegel
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    3 years ago

    do not hardship about it till your in one day temperature drops less than 0 stages F. if so, bypass with the 5W-30. The 5W will stay thinner at severe low temps. BTW, that's a waste of gas and a source of pollution to idle an engine before using in chilly climate. in simple terms rigidity gently for the first couple of minutes. supply the oil a danger to warmth up and get the earrings seated before racing the engine or loading it hard.

  • stram
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    3 years ago

    97 Infiniti

  • 9 years ago

    The oil's fine. The non-starting is nothing to do with that, you probably dislodged a wire while doing the change.

    Have a good look around the engine bay wherever you've been.

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  • 9 years ago

    You can start a car with no oil. You did something else wrong.

    Email me with details.

  • Dennis
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    9 years ago

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