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my cat wont stop neading me?

Maybe wrong spelling.. ? Not real sure. Here's the situation, I rescued my adult cat from a kill shelter. He loves his belly rubbed (weird right?) And he's big on following me everywhere. He does sleep with me throughout the whole night.. The only problem is, during the night, he digs his claws into me like he's feeding (you knw when there kittens) he's an adult now, and he's NOT declawed. And it hurts so bad! Ill wake up in the middle of the night and have to put him on the floor because yelling his name won't make him stop. I hate to put him on the floor, even tho he jumps back up, but it really hurts when he catches my skin instead of the blankets :(

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    Kneading is a behavior cats learn as kittens, because it stimulates the mother into producing milk. It is something cats will always do their entire life. The best way to deal with it is to just trim the tips of the claws off to make a blunt edge. Just don't cut into the pink of the nail, as that is the quick at it will cause pain to the cat. If you're uncomfortable trimming the nails, your local vet should offer this service for a few bucks.

    Source(s): worked at a vet clinic for 4 years
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    The only thing you can do is direct his 'paddling'.

    Some cats paddle, some don't. He has found a wonderful home with you and he's expressing his love, not much comfort when he's using you like a pin cushion!

    Can you knit or crochet? Cats absolutely love paddling wool and will paddle that in preference to almost anything else. If you make him a blanket yourself, it will smell of you and therefore he will love it all the more. Also, he won't care if it's a great blanket or not, leave the ends out when you change colours etc, because this is more tactile and more enticing to the cat.

    You may be able to direct him onto his own blanket at the end of the bed. If you can't make the blanket yourself, sleep on it for a night so it smells of you.

    The other thing to try (all the time, not just when he spikes you), is when he's sat on your lap and paddling, gently hold his paw in your hand and tell him no claws, it hurts. It will take a while for him to get the message, but he will then at least attempt to miss you.

    As for him letting you rub his belly, that means he trusts you completely. He can't believe his luck in finding a home and an owner like you.

    If you use lots of love and patience, you will be able to reduce the amount of spikings you get, but you are unlikely to stop him from paddling completely.

    Good luck and give yourself a big pat on the back for making this cat's life so enjoyable!

    Source(s): 40 years of cat ownership, 4 cats, one incurable paddler!
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    1, trim his claws

    2, buy a scratching post, preferably one with catnip, or sometimes something with your scent. This will weaken the claws and it shouldn't hurt at all after awhile.

    3, Get him de-clawed. This is a choice by you.

    It can be costly but it will stop this.

    Some cats act differently after this.

    I have two cats and one lost interest in playing with toys since he lost his claws.

    The other hasn't changed a bit.

    Remember that de-clawing a cat only removes the front claws!

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    Well this has basically been answered, but for the claws, I suggest getting Pedi Paws. Never clip their nails with human clippers, or even cat clippers, I don't trust them as they crack the nails. Pedi Paws is a battery operated nail shaver and it works wonders, that is, if your cat doesn't freak out an run away from the noise. But it doesn't take long to desensitize your cat from that.

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    THANK YOU SOO MUCH FOR RESCUING HIM FROM THAT HORRIBLE SHELTER! I am an animal lover, i help animals any way i can. You will be rewarded for this good thing you did. I promise you.

    Anyway, I suggest gettig his nails cliped atleast once a month but be careful. You could clip his paws and that really hurts. Try getting one of those professional nail clipers that cuts only the nails instead of their paws. It can sence when to go deeper and when not to. Or,( this is a bad answer because he loves you alot for saving his life) you could but him his own bed, saving you money while not hurting him, only his heart. Money dosen't matter get his nails clipped so he could still be with you

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    My cats do that too. What I do is snap them on the toes not really enough to hurt them just enough to let them know I don't like it. They won't like the snaps on the otes so they may start to Knead but they stop at the snap after a while. It takes time but they get the point.

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    Dude, yer supposed to CLIP his claws periodically!!! They won't EVER have done it at the shelter! :)

    Cats knead (like kneading bread) as a comfort measure. It's not something you'll ever get him to stop. Just clip his claws every couple weeks and you'll be fine!

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    aahhh he must realy like you

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    he loves you! awww! he thinks youre his mommy:) clip his nails

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