What is the earliest a baby can fly on a plane?

Me and my husband moved to Colorado about 2 1/2 years ago since he joined the military. Well my family live in Pennsylvania, and his live in Virginia. We are expecting our first baby. Since I can't have the baby there I want to fly home after the baby is born. But I don't know how early a baby can fly on a plane. My baby is due on Feb. 5. And I want to go home around April or May, So she'll be around 2 or 3 months. Is that too early? Also does anyone know what should I bring for her on the plane and what should I expect with a baby on a plane? Also will her ears pop? Oh yea and I plan to breastfeed. Thanks :)

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    There's no age limit, so long as they are medically deemed able to handle it, and you have her birth certificate. You will be able to hold her on your lap, however it would be safer for her to ride in a car-seat. If you breastfeed or give a pacifier during take off and landing her ears will pop. However, if she's too young and your milk isn't established... they don't recommend giving a pacifier until 2 months old if I remember right. (However, pacifiers do reduce the risk of SIDS, and once your milk is established then it's a good thing to go ahead and give the baby.)

    I'm flying with my son next tuesday, he'll be 3 months on the 3rd, so barely 3 months for this flight. We're going to use our Ergo baby carrier and just hold him because my 2 year old is also flying and that way we can all three sit by one another on the larger plane. The worst fears are the diseases, because honestly I flew with my daughter when she was a year and we all got H1N1 flu and were miserable, and didn't get sick any other time of the year. Just after the plane. The nice thing about a 2-3 month old though is they're not running around, so you can limit his exposure by just being wise, washing your hands, and doing what you can to keep others from handling him much. The circulating air on the plane carries germs, so if you can keep it from hitting you or the baby it's a good idea.

    Check your airline's advice. Also, call your family and ask if they can have a car-seat for you to borrow if you don't have the baby ride in a seat on the plane (it's just a risk to bring your own.) Rules about how much liquid and such to carry don't apply to baby-formula or breastmilk. They do apply to things like Desitin (baby-rash cream) so make sure you keep that in mind (they TOOK my Desitin! *LOL* It was hilarious and annoying, my daughter had a diaper rash and I was without.)

  • You can ask your pediatrician but I'm pretty sure 2 months is old enough.

    What to expect? She might cry, babies do that a lot but it's OK, just don't look around at the other passengers.

    Her ears will pop, try to get a window seat with your husband on the other side of you so that you can breastfeed discreetly as the plane is lifting off and landing. That will relieve the pressure on her ears. For a baby that young, really all you should need to take is the breasts :)


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    the airlines let you take newborns on planes after they're 3 days old. so you will be fine taking her on the plane. if you're going to breastfeed just pack the normal items you have in your diaper bag for the flight. you just want to add a couple more diapers and a outfit or two to the carry on bag. then to help her with ear pops you breastfeed her while the plane is taking off and landing. you can also give her a pacifier during this time if you are going to let her have one.

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    Answer: Assuming that both mother and baby are healthy, you can travel at two weeks of age. In some cases you can fly even sooner than this,

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    There isn't any age restrictions. Look at these two web pages, they have so many good tips about flying with baby. Congratulation on your baby to be.



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    I dont think their is any restriction unless posed my doctors, personaly 2-3months is best age to fly with babies. dont forget to feed them at landing and takeoff. soon they find their feet it gets harder. yes another thing always book baby basenate, all airlines provide these days.


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    Babies are illegal to go on planes until they are 19

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    Put the baby in a basket and push it out to sea.

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    in the womb

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