Do I still need a stepdown transformer, even if the adaptor comes with power surge protection?


I bought an item online from USA and tried the item today. However, the electrical item seems to have too much "power" although I put it a low settings. I realised that the power outage is different in USA and Singapore.

If I buy a universal adaptor with power surge protection, is that enough? Or do I still need to get a step down transformer?

Appreciate your help!! Thanks!


I used another adaptor with the electrical equipment. It doesn't state "power surge protection" though on the adaptor.. It states input : 240v-/120v-. I think US standard is 110v?

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    You need to be careful, trying to put 220v through a 110v circuit will damage the device and invalidate the warranty.

    It does of course depend on the device as to whether it is compatible with the voltage in Singapore. You said you put the device in low power mode, this is not good as the power you are putting through it is 220v, what it needs is stepping down to 110v, so you need to buy a voltage regulator that will do that, surge protectors do not step down the voltage but keep it at a constant, in your case a still too high 220v.

    Most laptop chargers are what is known as switch-able, this is usually auto sensing multi-voltage and does not require your intervention to change the voltage. Look for the power label if it states 110~240v then it is switch-able. In this case it should be OK to run with no voltage changes required.

    There are also some PC's that have a voltage regulator built in but most of these require a manual switch from the 110 to 220v. Again running 220v when the 110v is enabled usually results in the power adapter going bang.

    Universal adapters are often just multi socket ends in differing sizes and not multi voltage, you need to ensure that any adapter you get steps the voltage down to the US rated 110v if the power adapter that comes with the "item" is not capable of switching between the two voltages automatically or manually.

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    hi, (ANS) from what you have reported on your posting curiously such as you reside in an area have been the mains potential grant fluctuates a sturdy deal each and all the time. i might advise to you that a surge & spike protector is very acceptable & greater effective than only acceptable yet needed. **undergo in ideas a surge & spike protector is designed to flatten out the mains grant so as that the output on your kit is comfortable & consistent. i.e. mains fluctuations=> surge protector strip=> comfortable out to pc **a sturdy high quality surge & spike protector strip will help ward off brown outs, guard you from spiking of the availability whilst the present is going up abruptly for a quick length, facilitates guard the kit if the mains grant is shrink,etc,etc. **observe: yet a surge & spike protector won't continuously guard you from a lightening strike? I even have my computing device sat on a rubber mat (its basically an old automobile mat even regardless of the undeniable fact that it does the interest) and this facilitates grant some greater risk-free practices and insulation from electric injury. **in case you do no longer run your pc 24/7 then its well worth turning it off for the duration of great thunder storms as one greater protection precaution. **sure! you may have an electrician come and consider out your grant yet you will possibly ought to pay a cost for that. even regardless of the undeniable fact that, you ought to touch your electricity service and ask them in the event that they could try your grant?? Ivan

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  • 10 years ago

    adapter itself contains a step down transformer first ensure that the input and output voltage of the adapter and match it with your available socket.

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