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Can any of you Progressives out there explain?

How is it that liberal Progressives are so adamant about maintaining separation of church and state when it come to the Christian or Jewish religions, yet absolutely swoon over the Muslims who blatantly violate separation by the very structure of their "religion." Why can't liberals seem to understand that Islam is not just a religion, it's a political movement as well. They purposely do not separate church and state because if that existed, they would never be able to succeed as a popular religion. Who in their right mind thinks that the stoning to death of women who are even so much as accused of adultery is okay? Who in their right mind would even think that once you become a Muslim, you cannot quit or back out without having a death sentence hanging over your head? And please don't say that it's only the radicals who think like that. It isn't. It's Shariah Law!.

So if anyone liberal or not can make sense out of Obama's support of building that Mosque next to Ground Zero in the name of freedom of religion when obviously Islam isn't a religion as every American non-Muslim knows the definition of what constitutes an organized religion. Don't we not have enough double standards? Do we have to create more double standards to accommodate Muslims?

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    I cannot answer your question. You have very valid points about double standards for Muslim Vs

    Christian/Jewish faiths and the separation of church and state. I believe some of our Government reps. are being politically correct, while being extremely unwise, or just plain stupid.

    Shariah Law is a combination of Muslim Law, faith and Government and by that very definition is unconstitutional in the united states. It is also unconstitutional because many of the punishments for crimes are extremely cruel. The very thought of the term, Shariah Law Compliant in the United States makes no sense and should not be considered anymore than a Muslim nation would not consider our laws being applied in their nation. We are a nation of laws and anyone coming into our nation should face them when they do wrong. In a Muslim nation a husband can beat their wife, "Honor Kill" their daughters, have their wife stoned to death. A thief has his hand cut off or executed by being beheaded.

    Regarding the building of a Muslim Mosque near Ground Zero would be a travesty beyond belief. Look at history and the Muslim method of operation when they conquer new territory.

    The Dome of the Rock was the cite of both Christian and Jewish temples for centuries. In 639 A.D. Jerusalem was invaded by Persians, the church was destroyed and the Masque was built.

    The Hagia Sohia in Constantinople was converted to a Masque in 1453. The list is goes on when the Muslims conquer and usurp an other religious holey cite. Ground Zero is sacred to us all as a cite that was destroyed by radicle Muslims. It is my firm belief that that Feisal Abdul Rauf,s intent is to build near Ground Zero to usurp the cite in the name of Alla and impose Shariah Law where he can.

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    You should be aware that some Christians act and believe the same way. The concept of separation of church and state, or religion and government, means that the governments in the US make no rules about religion except to keep religion out of politics and government. Admittedly this has not been done perfectly even lately, but we try hard. To say that this religion can have a site here but this other one can't would be giving preference to some over others.

    We don't "swoon" over Islam, but we also don't treat it like Catholicism was treated in 1928 when Al Smith ran for president, or when John Kennedy ran in 1960. Look it up, and shudder.

  • Will
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    Could you have made this rant any longer?

    Islam does not separate church and state in middle eastern countries, because they don't have to. Here they do have to, and your statement about a "double standard" is a lie. They have to adhere to all of the same laws as everyone else.

    And your claim about Sharia law is a non sequitor. Biblical law demands that people who work on Sunday be stoned to death, and I don't see that being enforced here in the US.

    So, when your primary claim that Islam is not a religion is thrown out, everything else falls into place. We're not "swooning", just preventing bigots from other religions from trampling on this legal project. It's a church, and has the same rights and restrictions as any other church. Period.

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