Mertesacker to Arsenal for 10 Mil to good to be true?

Now that Campbell has joined up with Newcastle we are being linked with the German international joining us for 10 million when we got that crazy named Frenchman earlier for more money.

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    1 decade ago
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    Lol @ rather having Jagielka than Mertesacker, you can't be serious? I mentioned Mertesacker before the rumours came to light, not looking for credit with that, just saying that it was pretty damned obvious, and it's a move which Wenger should've made last season. As for whether or not Bremen would be satisfied with 10 million, it's doubtful as they're not a club in debt and will likely and rightfully hold out for more than that. He has two years left on his contract, so they wouldn't likely feel under pressure to accept such a paltry offer even if Mertesacker himself wants the move pushed through.

  • We would still need cover Laurent Koscielny and the Verminator - Johan Djourou is okay, but not stellar material yet.

    So yes, with Silvestre and Gallas at the end of their contracts, and Campbell off to the Toon, we will need another defender for sure :o)

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    i think we could sign him for 12.5 and i hope we go for it. if reports are true and we are willing to spend 15-20 mil on jagielka then the prof should defiantly consider mertesakcer for less! he defiantly suites what we need much more than jagielka does.

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    1 decade ago

    Konceilny will be a huge success!


    I would rather have Jagielka

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