Discuss the possibilities of each of these teams taking their first world cup in the near to distant future?

Lets start with UEFA:

Netherlands: has been in 3 finals, but has never been able to man up in the final match. I figure they have to win one sooner or later, but who knows.

Portugal: Have usually shown they are a team to be taken seriously even though they are lacking in the medal department. Have one of the best players in the world with C Ronaldo and made Spain work on their win this year.

Sweden: A contender that did not make it to the World Cup this year, but has shown itself to be a promising team.

Russia: Who can neglect the giant of Eastern Europe. Their football team has become much more competative and were even able to knock out the Netherlands in Euro 2008. But they could not make it to the World Cup this year.


Mexico: Always there always persistent but they always seem to lose in the world cup. They have a large arsenal of honors including many Gold Cups, and even a Confederations Cup. Are the team that has lost the most matches in World Cup history, but if you think about it this speaks more about their persistence as they are always in the world cup to lose these matches.

United States: Defenitely an up and coming footie nations. Many people mock it and disregard it, but I think they are a current middle power in terms of footie. Players are starting to infiltrate European teams where they can gain some sounds experience.

now lets do CONMEBOL:

Paraguay: I powerful display this World Cup with what is increasingly becoming a world class team. They qualified in 2nd place to the World Cup behind only Brazil in South America. And in the quarterfinals they truly gave the eventual champions a run for their money.

Colombia: With recent Copa America success (they actually won it in 2001!) who can deny such an engaging team. Although it should be noted that they are not asstrong recently and did not qualify for the World Cup this year.

how about Asia:

Japan: A proud display from the Samurai this year. Taking Paraguay down to the line in penalties. It seems like ever since Japan and South Korea hosted the world cup they have both become contendors.

South Korea: Who can forget their entertaining match against Nigeria or their slaughter of the Greeks. Similar to Japan, ever since hosting the World Cup they seem to be growing in potential.

Australia: Really failed to deliver this World Cup, but still a potential gold mine of athletic talent. Similar to the US.

Now lets talk Africa:

Egypt: The dominant power in the African Cup of Nations now for quite some time, but failed to qualify to the World Cup. They have strong players Zidane's brilliant displays in the last Confed Cup.

Ghana: A fairly brilliant run through the World Cup this year, especially considering that Essein their star player was not on the field.

Ivory Coast: No one can deny the star power of the Ivory Coast. I don't believe I've ever seen so many players from an African country play at the very top level of European clubs. They are all over the place from Chelsea to Sevilla to Manchester City. But alas they were misplaced against Brazil and Portugal this world cup and were not able to show their true worth.

Cameroon: Take us back to 1990, what a brilliant run Cameroon gave us that year. Well...so I've heard as I was too young too remember lol. They really disillusioned me this world cup, but hopefully better days will follow ahead:)

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    10 years ago
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    Netherlands will always be a contender and will eventually win it but not for a while, they got player development but not mentality

    Portugal: stock drop

    Sweden on the up swing expect a good Euro

    Russia: Generally unpredictable they have two faces and potential to be good maybe it is in the coaching mentality

    Mexico: have youth, and promise

    USA: that is my team so I will not comment

    Paraguay: strong World Cup good players, but will it sustain over the next few years it looks like it could so that means it wont just do to general decline but they look stronger then Chile.

    Colombia: Is a nice house with no foundation. Not to mention their league is going bankrupt and that is going to stunt player development and former America De Cali player Roger Torres told me "it is so confusing and unorganized in Colombia"

    Japan: Soccernomics predicted that Japan could be a power to reckon with yet they also said that every winning coach is well dressed and has a conservative hair cut

    South Korea: I can not comment on because I live with a South Korean

    Australia: they are talented but Cahill is getting old and their is no heir to his thrown.

    Egypt: A nice house with no foundation

    Ghana: A far more stable team then Egypt they are going to be contenders for a while, Gyan is young and with many young players on good teams and some players upgrading out of the smaller leagues they will only grow as a nation. Not to mention their goalie could be coming to the MLS (nice side note for all MLS fans)

    Ivory Coast: Best team in africa, unlucky with the group of death and all I felt so bad for Drogba he is one of the best personalities in all of sports.

    Cmaeroon: a In the NFL it is said that dysfunctional divided locker room can not stand and bad things will happen. Cameroon are the soccer equivalent with Eto almost not playing and having a falling out with the coach, to the team not playing together. They were not prepared they were not together the players heads were in the clouds.

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  • Vesko
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    10 years ago

    Netherlands- They can do it. History doesn't mean anything in that case. They have the youth system and they have the talent to beat any team. They also have the winning mentality(Sneijder, Robben, etc.) and once the weak links are gone(most of them are players over 29, such as Heitinga and Mathijsen), they will be a force to reckon. Some players are going and even better are coming in their place. Can't argue that.

    Portugal- C. Ronaldo and who else? Their keeper will be gone, Carvalho will be gone, only good players there are Ronaldo and Coentrao plus some decent ones, who are by far not shiners. They had a great coach and great defense this World Cup, but I don't regar them as a good team.

    Sweden- They are awesome, but not in their best form. They have always had good players, but with pretty boy Toivonen as a starter, I think they must be currently lacking the depth of quality star players. Still on the right path, and might soon enough be ranked high.

    Russia- Football in Russia is on the rise right now. They produce some of the best young players in the world and are a really menacing opponent. I think they have the chance of lifting the World Cup. Let's not forget they are contenders for host of the 2018 and 2022 World Cups, so if they get one of the two, it might be their year to claim the trophy.

    Mexico- A nice team, can't see them as a Cup contenders in the near future, but do always play great and have some good footballers.

    USA- Their federation actually takes football seriously. Will take a little time, but we could see them build a strong enough team. And with countries that have their resourses(training bases, finance, etc), a championship is always possible.

    Paraguay- Actually Chile were second in South America. Paraguay were third. They were decent enough, but their team is getting older and older and not producing young players. They didn't excite me with their play and I don't think a World Cup is an actual opportunity for that country. Quite the contraey for Chile, though, great young team, built from scratch, migh achive big things.

    Colombia- You never know with them. Have been high and have been low. Why not get the WC indeed?

    Japan- Definately better than ever before, but when facing a strong team, structure of the squad collapses dramatically. Don't yet have the nerves to take on favourites. Need to send more young players in Europe to gain experience.

    South Korea- Always an entertaining team, some good young players. Not World Cup candidates, though.

    Australia- A great entertaining team I would love to win something big. Squad is too old, though. Definately not a World Cup in 2014. 2018 or 2022- why not? Especially if they get to host one of the two.

    Egypt- The one you are talking about is spelled "Zidan". They are good, need to qualify soon enough.

    Ghana- If they keep working on their young talent, they have the chance of being the forst African champions. Boateng was one of the best in 2010 WC.

    Ivory Coast- Gervinho and Romaric impressed me. They are way more technical and strategical than other African nations. Their different path could take them far, as they come as underdogs, bt play quality football.

    Cameroon- Good play comes and goes, half team is young, other half is old and they don't seem to get along. No World Cup in near future.

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  • 10 years ago

    Netherlands- Always been strong contenders. Only time will tell when they win their first world cup but I predict it will be decently soon. (still happy Spain beat them)

    Portugal- Maybe. They have potential but have you noticed that they always end up with the hardest draw?

    Sweden- Haha.

    Russia- ^

    Mexico- Ok. World cup? probably not. Making it past the round of 16? I wouldn't be surprised at all.

    Usa- Same as Mexico. They have potential but haven't lived up to it yet.

    Paraguay- Sorry but I can't see it.

    Columbia- Not going to happen

    Japan- I really like this team and the way they play, but can I see a world cup? Probably not.

    South Korea- Much like Japan

    Australia- Stick to rugby

    Egypt- I always hear about how great this team is, yet they have failed to qualify for five times in a row...lets worry about qualifying first and then the actual world cup.

    Ghana- A strong footballing nation with tons of young talent. Expect to see them do well, maybe even win in the future.

    Ivory Coast- Lets face it. This is isn't the luckiest team for groups. In 2006 they drew Argentina, Netherlands, and Serbia. This year they draw Korea, Portugal and Brazil? No chance in either of those groups. When they get a good group they will do better.

    Cameroon- those 1990 days are over. Just another decent African team.

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  • 10 years ago

    Miranda, after looking at this World Cup, I don't have much hope for African teams. Because Europe has become the center of club football, the teammates on African teams do not cohese very well, and some coming from different backrounds than others. I feel that Europe will become more and more dominant in World Cups, and I don't think South/Latin America is going to prosper very well, maybe afew World Cups but I find that younger talent in Europe to be more promising. I feel that the USA will be better in the future, as well as South Korea and Japan, they are more focused as a unit.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Of all those the Africans and Mexico have the greatest chance in 2014. That is a 1 in 10 chance. Holland will probably not make it out of their group. Their defense will even be worse in 2014. Van Bommel, will retire, De Jong is old, Boularouz has his ups and downs but is already 27....I just don't see them making any waves. The Czechs will get further than Holland.

    The US is 15 to 20 years away from contention, but when the US awakes....we will make Brazil look like England....a has been.

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  • 10 years ago

    The Netherlands will be the first of the group to win then Paraguay. Ivory Coast only has Drogba and he'll be too old soon, Cameroon is good needs one more proven player to be a serious threat. The rest are fun but winning the World Cup is a dream not a reality.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    netherlands: i agree. sooner or later they will break through and get their first world cup.

    Portugal: i just dont see them winning a world cup anytime soon. they are not a very solid team. they are expected to always get out of their group but not as far as getting to the finals. their defense isnt the best and they dont have much young talent right now. C. ronaldo unfortunately isnt a game changing man vs top teams.

    Sweden: i dont see why they are in this list. i would replace this team with serbia.

    Russia: they could on day make it far in a World cup but i havnt seen them to be consistent. they need to improve and being the biggest country in the world and having one o the largest populations in the world they might find some young talent.

    Mexico: being a mexican i hope they get a world cup soon. we have the probably in my opinion the best young talent in the world next to Germany and spain. but what i see from my team is that they always play better than the other team (even against argentina) but they cant score the goals and usually make a big mistake that costs them the game.

    US: they have talent but they need their country to be behind them for them to be really motivated. they also need to switch up their playing style. they stay in the back most of the game and try to win it towards the end. its a good idea an all but it doesnt work if u end the first half 2-0 in favor of the other team.

    Paraguay: they showed some heart this world cup and gave spain a run for their money. the only fault is that i dont see much young talent out their for them.

    Colombia: i think chile should be in this spot. colombia had some good runs but they are not very consistent.

    Japan: dont have much to say about them. i really didnt bother watching their games. they got some good results but nothing to impressive.

    South korea: same as japan

    Australia: they should stick to rugby. i dont see them doin much in the upcoming world cups.

    Egypt: i thought they should have been in this world cup but sht happens. i would have rather of seen them instead of algeria

    Ghana: their group was fairly easy. they did show that they can stand up to some of the top teams and probably would of done better with essien in there.

    Ivory coast: their players play in the top clubs but as a team they didnt look very solid. i hope they improve but i would say its a world cup to forget.

    Cameroon: i wasnt even born during their great run. but ive heard they did pretty good. this was also a world cup to forget for them.

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  • 4 years ago

    ok good idea but reason 2 is so stupid what are the chances of 36 players (2 players from each team*18teams) going to europe every year maybe 1 player would be a better idea but good luck getting this to happen with all the contraversy there already is in the mexican soccer leah

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  • I do admire the teams Netherlands, Russia and Ghana.

    I'm just surprised that Russia didn't qualify for the World cup... Ghana played extraordinary. Netherlands was fantastic, and it would be nice if they won a World Cup.

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  • Anonymous
    10 years ago

    Holland, Mexico, Portugal, USA, and Paraguay have the best chances :P

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