Why are Arsenal fans taking Cesc transfer BACK to Barca so personal...?

... he is just a player, you people act like Arsenal will get relegated when he leaves. The kid just wants to come home and you act like he is leaving his home...... it's hilarious how you hate everything about Barca only because of Cesc. Cesc doesn't want to leave Arsenal as much as he wants to play for Barca again, why is so hard for you to understand that???


@mj..... they don't have money????? LMAOOO if the best team in the world in last 5 years doesn't have any money then who does???? We got more than €40M only for Yaya and Chygrinskyi plus we got a €155M bank loan last week and when we add that Barca made €440M only last season then you can see that Barca has absolutely no financial problems.

@muff.... who said he is not for sale, Wenger said loud and clear that we can get him for around €50M... he is FOR SALE, only problem is that Barca is offering €30M. Rosell will go to London to talk about the PRICE not to ask them if he is for sale....

Update 2:

@mj...... do you know who said that they can't play the players???? Sandro Rosell!!!! Do you really think that the president of the club would say something like that if that info would damage him?? Months before he became the president he was talking how Barca shouldn't brag about how much money they earn because then we always end up overpaying the players, he is the man that brought Ronaldinho to Barca when everyone thought it would be impossible and he is master when it comes to signing big stars.

@muff... LOL in more than half of the cases when clubs are after big stars their official sites post something like this... did you really forget what happened with Kaka and C.Ronaldo??? Dis you forget how Milan and Man utd fans were posting same official announcements just days before their star players left??? And I already told you that Wenger can only beg Usmanov and company not to sell but the last call will be by Usmanov.

Update 3:

@meerkat.... everything you said it's true but it seems you don't get the difference between being in debt and having financial problems/being broke.... lets say for example you take a bank loan to buy a house, you own the bank lets say €200 000 and you must pay off €1000 every month, you and you're wife combined have €3500 income every month so €1000 a month is not such a big amount because you can still live a good life.... being in debt doesn't mean you have financial problems. As you said Barca's pure profit was €4M in January, they made that profit after winning many trophies but they paid huge bonuses to players as well so by what logic would this year the financial situation be any different??? Only way Barca can get in to financial problems would be if in the next few years they don't win anything, then their expenses would be much bigger than then earnings but while Barca is winning trophies and Messi is selling shirts there is no way that they can have financial problems

Update 4:

Sandro Rosell is manipulating with people, we all knew that he will try to make Laporta look bad because he knows there is no way he can do better than Laporta did so he MUST find a black stain on Laporta's great job with Barca and ONLY way to do that is to say '' oh yeah Laporta won trophies but because of him the club is in debt now''..... the club was in huge debt before Laporta came, now we own money to banks just as any other club out there with only difference that when we pay off all yearly bills we're in positive financial situation.

The TV ''war'' is going on for a long time now and has nothing to do with how Laporta was operating Barca's money, that's not his or anyone at Barca fault.

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    they are not familiar with their players wanting to leave, barca let the media know they wanted fabregas before they made an offer. lots of clubs do this but arsenal dont like it when it happens to them.

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  • 1 decade ago

    Mj since when does €40mil equal £80 mil lol

    lets look at your figures Barca did make €445 mil but that was only upto the end off the finnacial year which was january last season. and after expencess and everything elsse they made an operating profit of €4 million ....Barca as Rosell revealed even before he was elected president and i think it was his honesty that people respected. revealed Barca have debts of €420 mil and rising they lost €10 mil on Chygrinskyi and Keireson is another €14 mil flop. and less said about Ibra the better......lol

    Rosell first said Barca had the money from the sale of Chyg and Yaya plus what money from the loan after expenditure which would give Barca €89 mil to spend ....he has now changed that to they have €40 mil to spend each season for the next 3 years. kinda does not sound like a club able to afford Cesc......lol

    Plus much of Barca`s income is based on the TV rights the big two have with the two different Tv stations.....Real madrids is protected by the Banks but Barca`s is with the Spanish equivelant of Setanta which has applyed for Bankruptcy protection.....and £800 million of Barca`s projected income is based upon this contract....worrying.....but add to that now huge payrises for most of the stars last season and buying Villa this season and you see a club in trouble.

    They need to offload players like Ibra but why would he want to go?.......NO ONE CAN MATCH HIS WAGES.....24% TAX FOR THE NEXT 4 YEARS! llol Plus now with the special one at Madrid i think the fact barca have said prices will rise by 15% says it all.

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  • Lisa
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    4 years ago

    Where in the hell do you get your info from,as far as i'm concern Real are after him too and Barca HAVEN'T THE MONEY 2 compete for his signature and when it comes 2 money fcuk loyalty,Do you honestly think that Cesc will go 2 barca for less than what Ronaldo went for or his wages be a lot lower NO,I doubt his agent will sell him cheaply either...What makes me laugh about YOU is you consider him to be only a Bench Warmer yet you insist that he's a Barca player....you got NO EYE DEER wot you talk about at times,you try to be controversial yet you sound like a complete plonker

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    We're not taking it personally.

    You are however, you seem besides yourself with posting questions about it. That's what is annoying. Cesc is a grown man, he can go wherever he wants. The Barca management and players are being quite childlike in their pusuit of him. Why don't they just let him come back in his own time? What's with all these desperate trips over when they don't even have any money to back it up?

    Cesc can go if he pleases. No problems with what he wants. Barca should just try to feign respectability and let him speak up, you can hardly hear him for all the NOISE Xavi et al are making.

    Haven't you ever heard of manners, original MJ?

    *spits on the floor*

    Me either.

    Source(s): Pique edit: MJ, how come they cannot afford to pay their players wages? LOL, Cesc will come to Barcelona and he won't even have a bench to sit on... cause they'll have sold it to pay for him.
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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Coz, we dont wanna sell him, just drop it,

    he is NEVER, and that is NEVER up for sale,

    home? u dont buy a player to make him good just so u can sell him back??

    Arsenal deserve more respect, we are sick of selling our best players, and we refuse to.

    so call it slavery of what ever u want, we want to keep, and he has a contract, so Barca should respect that, if they are capable of that, that is.

    We will never sell Cesc to Barca,

    so real madrid might come as well come in, coz they will give us more money.

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    I remember when Barcelona TV posted this video of 13 year old fabregas talking about how much he admires Guardiolla and the grown ups team, Arsenal fans didn't like,.....

    So how do u think they would like someone trying to buy off their star player

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  • mina
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    1 decade ago

    see :

    Wenger : " Cesc is important to us , we want to keep him "

    Look at "IMPORTANT" word !! XD

    how we should sign a player who will start as a bench warmer while we still have Xavi Iniesta and Busquest !??

    Cesc is only important for Arsenal because they don't have any better player , but he's never essential for Barca , he deserves to be at a club that will never achieve anything, maybe finish 4rd place ! Cesc is an Arsenal player until he wants ....

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  • 1 decade ago

    Why is it so hard for Barcelona to understand:


    Do they need this translated in 20 different languages so their thick heads understand?

    EDIT: MJ I read Arsenal.com and this is what they tell me: "However, yesterday evening we received an offer from Barcelona for Cesc and in response, we immediately and resolutely told them once again that we have no intention of selling our captain.

    "To be clear, we will not make any kind of counterproposal or enter into any discussion. Barcelona have publicly stated that they will respect our position and we expect that they will keep their word."

    I haven't heard Wenger say that and I won't take your word for it. Rosell is coming to London for no reason.

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