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penis proBlem....HELP IMMEDIATELY!!!?

when i have to piss my penis Burn.But when i drink a lot of Bud light and then go piss it doesnt Burn.im uncircumsized and i do masturBate quite a Bit.havent had sex in like a month had a Blood test after that and nothing was wrong.i dont know what to do. its like my vein inside is irritated or something. the tip doesnt Burn..it feels like the inside...

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    It sounds more likely like you have an STD. or if you've only recently felt the burning, you may have a chill in your kidney's, which gives a burning sensation when peeing also..will pay to have it checked out by a doctor...in the meantime keep yourself warm around your kidney's and you will probably come right in a few day's.

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    I really don't think that anyone on here is going to be able to answer your question completely and hit the nail on the head, just because of the nature of medical problems. I will tell you right away (and I am sure many, many more will tell you the same): you need to see a doctor. It could be something small, but it could be something a lot bigger. I don't know about you, but when it comes to my manhood, I will definitely not take any chances (and trust me, I HATE seeing the doctor about ANYTHING).

    I have had burning sensations when urinating, and for me, it was kidney stones. The stones were passing and they were even visible at the bottom of the toilet. Kidney stones are very, very painful, you will feel pain in your loin area, a pain that is like no other. That's just my experience.

    But seriously, I think I speak for everyone who is going to answer your question: go see a doctor.

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    that's inflammation. i will verify back for a respond. First issues first, what did you attempt to make this pretend vagina out of? replaced into it a chew of shrink up fruit, or an empty bathroom paper roll? next, did you employ any lubricant (counting on what you made) and if so, what did you employ? Are you circumcised and characteristic you ever had any problems with regards to genital wellness? Do you have any uncomplicated medical hypersensitive reactions? How undesirable might you fee the sensitivity/soreness on a scale from 0-10 (10 being the main insufferable of soreness)?

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    Immediately report ur problem to a good medical practitionr. This forum may laugh at ur agony, but cant solve ur problem dear !! So hurry up pl.!!

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    chlamydia wont show up in your blood

    when you drink alcohol you are numbed to the pain so wont feel the burn as much/at all

    you have the clap my friend

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    there is infection in the track inside.get examined.

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