Help? Who should my princess end up with?

Okay. I am writing a fanfic. It is AU, so it doesn't matter which series.

The setting is fantasy... a medieval type land. The plot... well, two countries are at war. One that supports magic users, the other that wants to burn them all at the stake. The current king's niece has been disowned due to disobedience and the people from the magic using country have rebels plotting to kill everyone in the other country's royal family... this niece included. The disowned princess is not the main character. The main character are two people similar to commoners, each with different beliefs who want the same thing (peace) but with different ways of getting there... and she is more like a side character... but the princess is crucial to the story, as she will end up with the crown once her uncle and her cousin are dead. My question is WHO should the princess end up with romantically?

Option A: Her magic using friend, a servant at the castle who she didn't know could use magic- keep in mind the princess abhores magic, though she eventually learns to change her tune on the matter. This servant helps her escape when the plot to kill all the royals is first revealed.

Option B: The man who tries to kill her. Another magic user, sent to kill the royals. He, however, begins to doubt if he should kill her not. It is later decided that she might make a better leader than her uncle and that they won't kill her.

Option C: Neither. She marries for the sake of her kingdom, disregarding what her own heart wants. If this option is chosen... which character does she forsake in the process? Keep in mind, both will love her, in their own ways, no matter which she chooses.

Please help me! It is one of the few plot elements I can't decide on!


Thanks for the answers so far. A bit more details on the story, though...

Either way it is decided that she would be a better leader. There is reason and plot behind this decision, though. And the focus is not on the princess. This is only a minor detail in the story. The real focus is the romance between the two main characters and how the conflict between the countries is tearing their love apart and making life in general very hard for them. (One is a healer, the other a warrior. Two different sets of basic beleifs....)

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    I feel if you mix A and C that would be the best option like she feels she should marry for the sake of the kingdom but then realizes she can't live without her friend. overall sounds quite fascinating and would love to read more.

    Good job and best of luck to you in your writing.

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    Depends on what is the focus of the story: the romance or the conflict.

    If the focus is on the conflict, I would save the romance for a sequel. Maybe hint at it in the final chapters but that's it. If the focus is the romance, which by the way does not sound like it I would not even try to put a romance in it, I prefer option A because option B sounds like something that could only happen (as in the decision that she is a better leader) in a modern setting.

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    I like Option A but I think Option B would be very interesting

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    I would definately go with B!

    That is an awesome idea!!

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    option b!

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