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Here are the results from last time (sorry I didnt put them on thursday, i forgot :p)

(1) SERBIA (Djokovic and Jankovic) VS (9) SWITZERLAND (Federer and Bacsinszky)


(5) SPAIN (Nadal and Medina Garrigues) VS (4) FRANCE (Tsonga and Bartoli)

- *SPAIN WINS 2-1*

(3) USA (Roddick and Serena) VS (6) CZECH REPUBLIC (Berdych and Safarova)

- *USA WINS 2-0*

(7) AUSTRALIA (Hewitt and Stosur) VS (2) RUSSIA (Davydenko and Petrova)


Ok, so the match-ups are like this:

(1) SERBIA (Djokovic and Ivanovic) (Jankovic is replaced due to her back injury)


(5) SPAIN (Nadal and Medina Garrigues)


H2H: Djokovic and Nadal:

H2H: Ivanovic and Medina Garrigues:

(3) USA (Roddick and Serena)


(7) AUSTRALIA (Hewitt and Stosur)


H2H: Roddick vs Hewitt:

H2H. Serena vs Stosur:

Remember voting ends on Wednesday, and on Thursday I'll put the final to vote so that on Sunday 11 July we decide the tennis world cup team winner!!


if you have no idea what I'm talking about, check out this question:;_ylt=AkxOj...

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    1st of all apology for answering late :(

    Now the ans....

    1st Semi :

    SERBIA vs SPAIN : Well I wd have said Djokovic coz it is hard court but seeing Rafa's performance I will hv 2 say Rafa.

    Now coming to Ana vs Medina match I know Ana is not at her best bt I think she will manage to defeat Medina.

    Okk now coming to doubles I know Spain had good doubles team bt Ana & Novak can create spark on court when they are together,& definitely they will try their best to take Serbia in the final....So Serbia will win in 3 sets.

    2nd Semi :

    Now it's USA vs Australia & coming to the 1st match Andy vs Hewitt I think Andy is angry right now because of his loss in Wimbledon,so here I think Andy will win.

    & in the 2nd Serena vs Samatha,Sam won against Serena in French in 3 hard fought now it's hard court & Serena is playing awesome,so no ques here Serena will in straight sets :)


    SERBIA won against SPAIN = 2-1

    USA won against AUSTRALIA = 2-0

  • Oh no, I missed the quarters :(

    The first semi just changed a lot in my opinion! I'm going to say that Nadal would beat Djokovic, even on a hard court. I'm not quite sure Ivanovic could beat Medina Garrigues, but even if Ivanovic somehow won, Nadal and Medina Garrigues are better doubles players, Anabel being a Grand Slam champion on various occasions with Ruano Pascual. So Spain in 3.

    Hard Court. Hewitt is unpredictable to me, I never know if he'll force an upset. But I think Roddick would take him. And I know Stosur beat Serena at the French Open, but that was on clay. America in 2.

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    (5)Spain def (1)Serbia 2-1.

    Nadal beats Djokovic. Medina Garrigues most experienced doubles player of the 4

    (7)Australia def (3)United States 2-1.

    Stosur upsets Serena and win in doubles

  • 1 decade ago

    Serbia 2-1

    Australia 2-1

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  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Spain 2-0

    Australia 2-0

  • Spain df Serbia 2-1

    USA df Australia 2-0

  • 1 decade ago

    Serbia 2-1

    USA 2-0

  • Anonymous
    4 years ago

    Well Nadal would beat Roddick *although Andy did beat Rafa in Miami* Serena would destroy Medina Garrigues Serena is the most accomplished doubles player here, so USA USA 2-1

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    Serbia 2-1

    USA 2-1

  • 1 decade ago

    Spain 2-0

    USA 2-0

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