"File Format Error" on my Emerson 2GB mp3 player?

Despite my Emerson mp3/video player (EMP516-2) supposedly being able to play videos in the avi format, all my avi videos won't play. A little text box pops up and says "File Format Error." Why is this? Can I fix it?

Thank you!


I use this on an iMac because my PC is screwy and ignores when I plug things into it, and our other Mac won't recognize the mp3 player either. This computer is the only one that recognizes it.

Update 2:

Mp4s don't work either, unfortunately. :(

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    1 decade ago
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    You can reconvert those avi files in your PC. I suppose there is something wrong with the player. Try changing the bit rate and frame rate of the videos while you re convert them.

    You can use "format factory" which is freely available and can be downloaded from the net and customize the frame rate without restriction.

  • Anonymous
    1 decade ago

    try mp4 format. it has better support by mp3 player.

    some program called video converter can do this kind of staff, it can convert video between any common video format and codecs. here is a guide on how to do this ,wish it helps


    here is a blog site on how to choose a video converter


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